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Hosts Share the 10 House Guest Pet Peeves That Drive Them Crazy

It’s nice to have friends and family visit. But when they don’t respect your house rules or exercise proper etiquette, it’s hard to get excited when they want to come over. Here is a list of things people say are their biggest pet peeves when they have guests. 

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Prepare to Cringe Gen Z as Boomers Tell Teens the Things They Aren’t Ready to Hear

A popular online forum asking “what are teens today not ready to hear?” attracted over 25,000 comments. The older generations, the Boomers, Gen X, and maybe even the Millennials, are clearly passionate about sharing their opinions and advice with teenagers now. Here are some life lessons the older generations have left for teens to read and roll their eyes at.

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Low Carb, Low Sugar Keto Friendly Desserts When You Need a Treat ASAP

Keto is a low carb, low sugar diet that can be a big lifestyle commitment for followers. The good news is, you can still slim down and indulge in some treats as long as you stay within your carb count. Here is a list of Keto treats that are absolutely delicious and will keep you on the path to Keto success. 

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Unconventional Marriage Advice That Worked Wonders for Couples

Have you ever received funny marriage advice that made you laugh, but you didn’t take it seriously at the time? Of course, until you entered married life and realized that you had received a golden nugget of wisdom that finally made sense. Men asked each other on a forum, “What random marriage advice sounded absurd but was actually spot on helpful?” Here are some wise words that these men were given before their nuptials that hopefully made them better husbands.

cat walking through pet door

Homeowners Share Their Startling Wildlife Encounters via Pet Doors

Some people have had unexpected visitors enter their homes via their pet door that allows their cats and dogs to roam freely in and out of the house. Many creatures enter the home completely confused about their environment but are happy to explore. Some are dragged in by the family cat. Either way, the home residents are generally not pleased to meet their acquaintance. Here are some hilarious stories of animals that entered a home via the pet door or another entrance. 

woman holding two puppies

The Funniest Things Pets are Afraid of According to their Owners

Pets make great companions, and they also provide some excitement and entertainment in the house. There are some things that household pets like dogs, cats, and birds need to get used to. From fans to small appliances to toothbrushes, sometimes it’s hard to tell what can frighten a pet. Here are some hilarious stories of pets afraid of everyday household items.

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Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

Women need to have a few great friends to turn to for love, support, and fun when needed. But what happens when they start giving you lousy dating advice that is keeping you single? Are you driving away good men by listening to your tribe and implementing terrible dating tips? The following is a list of bad dating advice women give each other that sends men running.