Second Date Killers: Hilarious Reasons Why They Didn’t Meet Again

There is always a reason why people don’t make it to the second date. Some sound very shallow, and others are legitimate reasons to call it quits. Here is a list of second date killers that readers felt sounded superficial but just couldn’t get past them.

1. She Looked Like My Mom


“She looked to similar to my mom. She made a certain facial expression while we were talking and I had the thought “Man that’s something my mom does.” Couldn’t get it out of my head afterwards and that was it.”

2. They Had Bad Breath


Good hygiene practices are very important to people. Bad breath is a turn off, but it typically takes more than that to decide a person isn’t right for you. 

3. She Had Never Been Dumped

“She told me no one had ever broken up with her.” 

One reader commented “so either she breaks up with them (HMMM) she has never even had a partner, or she is cheating… yeah that’s a few red flags.”


4. Every Kid Had a Different Dad

“That’s a NOPE from me. I mean two kids I’m willing to work with but three?! naw.”


5. She Liked The Fast and the Furious

“She wanted to see a The Fast and the Furious movie and I decided that made her incompatible with me. Yes, that’s how stupid I was in my early twenties. Very nice, pretty girl with a great sense of humor. Later when I spoke to her and said I messed up, she simply said “Yes. Yes you did.”

The poster continued to write about his regrets:

“I tried to pass on my knowledge to a younger coworker who turned down another beautiful young coworker for some silly reason but it fell on deaf ears of course. “You’re going to wake up one day very soon, be my age, and think to yourself ‘why didn’t I give her a chance?! I turned down that amazing, beautiful woman?!” Sure enough, once she got a boyfriend he already felt silly.”


6. She Licked Her Fingers After Seasoning Chicken

“In the heart of COVID I hopped on FaceTime with a girl I was talking to. She was cooking, she seasoned chicken with her bare hands and proceeded to lick her fingers to taste. Don’t think it’s that shallow though, I assume that’s universally disgusting and flat out dumb.”


7. Their Laugh

“The shrieking laugh that turned everyone’s heads, every time.”


8. She Talks to Ghosts

“She said she could talk to ghosts that hang out in her room, like hundreds of ghosts hang out with her every day apparently.”


9. He Lives With His Mom

“Nice lady, but I’m not looking to be friendly with a grown man’s mom as soon as I start hanging out with him. Plus I want a dynamic where “come back to my place” has romantic vibes rather than “we can hang out in my room while my mom watches TV on the other side of the wall” vibes.”


10. She Made Me Hold Her Purse

“Girl said “hold this” and slammed her purse into my chest while she went to try on some pants. I literally dropped her purse on the ground an told her I wasn’t a servant. She still wanted to hang out the next day and I told her I “wasn’t feeling it.”

11. Seaweed in Teeth

“She had seaweed stuck in teeth after eating sushi. even 15 years later, I can’t forget the sight.”


12. She Told Him to Grow Up Because He Plays Video Games

“She said I should grow up when I said I regularly play video games.”


13. She Kept Chewing Her Hair

Chalk it up to nerves, but chewing hair can be a turn off. 


14. Their Voice

” He had an annoying voice, it’s something that’s beyond the person’s control, but… I just can’t.”

Another reader had the same issue: “He had a really squeaky voice. Sound guy but I couldn’t take him seriously.”


15. She Loved Country Music 

“I told her the only music I hate is country music. She played it the whole time I was at her house.”

Do any of these reasons sound too superficial to you? Should someone have given them another chance?

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