Will TikTok Deinfluencers Save People from Wasting Their Money on Overpriced Products?

The hashtag deinfluencer on TikTok has captured the hearts of over 24 million viewers. Are TikTokers tired of watching influencers pump luxury and overpriced items that they claim are all life-changing investments?

Expensive and luxury products that many influencers with large followings promote are now the target of deinfluencers. @chez.amelie is dancing around Paris, telling viewers to hold on to their credit cards. She tells TikToers in a video viewed by hundreds of thousands of people to not buy such products as the Dyson Airwrap, the Ugg Minis, the Charlotte Tilbury One, the Stanley Cup, Colleen Hoover books, or the AirPods Pro Max.

@chez.amelie The deinfluencer #deinfluencing #deinfluencergang #deinfluencer #uggminiplatform #dysonairwrapreview #ameliestanescu #balaclavagirlie #handmadebalaclava #ameliestanescutiktok #ameliestanescu #berlinbabe #whatiworeinparis #berlinstyleinspo #airpodspromax ♬ original sound – Estef

Will people listen to them, or do the influencers still have the upper hand? Some viewers commented that they actually do like those products.

“I love my uggs, i love my dyson, i love the colleen Hoover books.”

“ok but colleen hoover books are always coming home with me.”

“But Dyson Airwrap & Charlotte Tilbury are actually good tho.”

Other viewers simply thanked her for being candid.

“Thank you lol”

“i needed this”

Other deinfluencers are going through all the makeup products they purchased and expressing dissatisfaction with how they look on them. There are several deinfluencer beauty editions. @christina.mychas, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, discusses her obsession with buying beauty products. She shows viewers all the products in her medicine cabinet that she eventually realizes she could never finish before the expiration date.

She also showed screenshots of her acne after trying so many different products. She confessed that she spent excessive money on skincare and now buys basic and affordable products. The only thing is she does attempt to influence viewers to buy CeraVe skincare, who have also commented on her post. However, her viewers don’t seem to mind because the price point is so low compared to many brands discussed on TikTok.

@christina.mychas Things I stopped buying when I was a shopaholic to change my life: excessive skincare. Not only was this extremely expensive, I was trying to self-treat hormonal acne which I needed to see a dermatologist for. Most of these products I paid a premium for them to irritate my skin and make the problem worse. I switched to drugstore & Kbeauty products for the better of my skin AND my wallet! #antihaul #thingsidontbuyanymore #shopaholic #deinfluencer #buyersremorse #debtfreeliving #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Christina

“The skin care, hair products and makeup used to do me in!! I’ve found out that price doesn’t always equal performance.”

“What do you do with all that skincare stuff? I have boxes and boxes and feel so bad just throwing it away.””Yes!! I almost bought a ton of skin care products the other day and the total was over $200!! I talked myself out of it and so glad.”

Other viewers were thrilled to see a video addressing their same issues.

“I need help, i can’t stop buying things on line and a whole bunch of skin care, where can I get help? I was even In the Dr’s office today.”

“Please do more of these! This is so helpful to me! I have a horrible spending problem.”

“Wait I have the VERY same student loan/financial situation. I’m so thankful for finding your page.”

@hannahhomeeducates asks viewers if anybody has a ‘normal’ house anymore after seeing so many perfect homes on social media. Hannah gives viewers a tour of her home, showing them unfinished projects, chipped paint and unintentionally distressed furniture. 

@hannahhomeeducates Can we normalise normal? Is that even possible, considering everyone’s normal is different? Visual apps attract pretty things so it makes us think everything everywhere is pretty- then I go to someone’s house or look around when I’m in a cafe and think nothing and nobody looks like it does online. I think the deinfluencing trend may be taking hold and I’m here for it. #deinfluencergang #deinfluencer #deinfluencing #normalizenormalhomes #prosocialbehaviour ♬ original sound – Hannah Home Educates

She also says she’s more than happy to jump on the deinfluencer train. Many viewers commented with their support.

“Omg yes thank goodness you did this. It makes me feel more normal.”

“Feel this in my soul! Social media makes me feel like I live in squalor compared to people on apps, when in reality my place is actually quite nice.”

“Yes this whole clean perfect no clutter just isn’t realistic.”

“Thank you! This is very important and needed post. People that work hard have no time to fluff their 200 pillows and use their kitchen without mess.”

Will people start listening to the deinfluencers and stop overspending on luxury products they don’t need? Or will the perfect-looking influencers with perfect-looking lives still draw in viewers enough to spend on the products they promote?

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