She Walked Out on Her First Date with a Man After He Refused to Pay $3 Extra for Cheese on His Burger. Was She Right?

A New York City girl’s TikTok video went viral, perhaps for the wrong reason. @dafna_diamant began her video with, “Guys, I just got back from a Hinge date. Why am I doing this to myself?” In her video, she discusses a date with a man she met from the Hinge dating app. She said he seemed really nice and the date was going well. When the waiter came to take their order, he decided to get a burger. The waiter asked him how he liked his burger and if he wanted cheese. Her date then asked if the cheese was going to cost extra. The waiter told him it would cost $3 extra, so he told her never mind, he didn’t want the cheese.

After the waiter left, her date began talking about how you have to pay extra for everything these days. She replied, “yes, it’s New York City.” Once their food arrived, they began eating. @dafna_diament says that once she felt satisfied, she excused herself to go to the restroom and took her purse. Instead of going to the restroom, she told the waitress she wanted to pay the bill. After she paid the total bill, she left the restaurant. She then texted her date, told him the check was taken care of, and said, “you should have gotten the cheese.” She then blocked his number.

Her video received 6.5 million views and likely not the sympathetic response she was expecting. Almost 50,000 people jumped in to comment.

@dafna_diamant It was $55 #datinglife #storytime #datinginyour20s #datinginnyc #icant ♬ original sound – Dafna

“Is this a real story? Because $3 is a lot for a piece of cheese I agree.”

“Right it literally is a lot for a slice. I could almost buy a whole brick of cheese for $3. I’d also turn it down.”

“He can choose how he wants to spend his money, $3 for a slice of cheese is crazy. He didn’t tell you not to get cheese he just decided not to.”

“$3 for a slice of cheese is criminal!!

Many viewers said that her date was the one who actually got lucky that she ended the dinner abruptly.

“Lol my guy dodged a Crimson Flag”

“God was definitely watching over him!!”

“He got lucky.”

Several viewers didn’t like the way she responded.

“That…that didn’t mean you had to leave him in the restaurant?!”

“The problem is people are too quick to judge someone off one comment. You didn’t even give him a chance based on a piece of cheese. ”

But she did have some people on her side who agreed that he went a little overboard over $3.

“I guess she was turned off by him complaining bitterly over 3 bucks.”

“ikr, ridiculous its just 3 bucks.”

Some viewers tried to explain his perspective.

“It’s not about not being able to afford it, it’s about it not being worth it.”

“It’s not about affording. It’s about being responsible and not wasting money.”

“my boy was just trying to make conversation. ”

“bruh what… it’s not even about being cheap it’s about being smart with ur money…”

Not only did she receive thousands of comments that didn’t agree with what she was saying and how she reacted, there were several people who created TikTok videos to discuss her experience. 

Male TikTok’ers @noveonly and @brooberto said that the date had a right to not want to pay an extra $3 for cheese. The cost is excessive, and it’s already expensive living in NYC. Even women like @ashweecarter jumped in and told the original creator, “you’re making us look bad. We won’t be able to say men are trash if you pull sh** like that.” She also mentioned that she didn’t want to stitch @dafna_diamant’s original video because “she’s already getting cooked in the comments.”

Unfortunately, @dafna_diamant has attracted a lot of hate messages as well. She created another video in which she claims that people are going through her TikTok videos and leaving terrible comments like she’s ugly and should die alone. She questions why people are taking her video so seriously. Some people also made fun of her television, which was visible in one of her videos. She confessed that she’s broke and an unpaid intern and also makes poor financial decisions. But when she goes out on a date or with friends, she wants to go out and have fun and not worry about money. 

She asked people to stop reviewing her videos and Instagram photos and leaving mean comments. She also claims she is going on a second date with the man she left over the $3 cheese.

What do you think? Did she do the right thing by leaving her date over his comment about the cost of a cheese slice? Is he being cheap or wise with his money? Are TikTok viewers overreacting to her video?

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