10 Things You Should Do Before You Hit 30 According to the Older Generations

Many people look back at their younger years with great memories, but some regrets often surface. People may regret not taking advantage of opportunities they could have experienced when they were younger. Some wish they had considered taking different paths in life. The generations over 30, including some Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers, share their wisdom with young folks to start now while they have the chance. 

1. Start Stretching

Many people commented on the importance of taking care of your physical health early. Youth tends to make us careless, but many say you pay the price if this attitude continues. Even yoga and stretching regularly can make a big difference. 

“Once you hit your late 20’s early 30’s everything cramps up if you don’t stretch good enough.”

2. Quit Your Addictions

Address the route of your problems and find ways to quit your addictions. The longer you hold on to them, the more difficult it will be to stop. 

“To anyone struggling, there is help, there are others like yourself, who have decided to make great changes in their life; if only to make sure they get the opportunity to live it. Find them.”

3. Travel

“Travel the world. It’s the best education you will ever have.”

“The feeling of being a minority or just out of your element for a while changes how you view people later. When you are home and they are visitors you tend to empathize with them much more. It’s just good to see and appreciate other places too.”

“When I was young an older colleague said to travel as much as possible in your 20s as you have peak curiosity, fresh thinking and energy to more fully experience it.”

4. Live Alone

Living alone isn’t a matter of just learning responsibility. Its also about not being afraid to be alone and learning to enjoy your own company.

“I’m still in awe of my older cousins who lived at home until married. It was just the norm back then (especially for women in my family), but I always feel bad they never had that feeling of “ahhh this is MY place”, even if it’s a crappy bachelor apt.”

“I can relate! It’s very common in my family/extended family as well. I remember having the same procrastinating feelings as you, at home I had food, laundry, tv etc all paid for. But man once I got out there, there was virtually no $ amount that was enough to make me go back. I didn’t have a bad home either, family is good etc, but I love/loved the feeling of my own place.”

5. Create a Routine for Yourself

“Get into a good daily routine. Eating well, exercising, staying organized, etc. Set yourself up for success later in life. It gets harder to consciously establish routines as you age.”

6. Start a Retirement Fund

Open a retirement account that is suitable for you and invest as much as you can.

“Try to make retirement plans now. Old age sneaks up on you faster than you realize. Take it from someone about ready to retire.”

“Start stashing back a bit for retirement. A bit saved now can turn into a surprisingly large amount later.”

 7. Fall in Love

Some people view young love like no other. 

“Young love is reckless and all-encompassing.”

8. Be Self Sufficient

Surviving without your family’s financial support is an important life skill. 

“Are you really self sufficient?

Do you do your own laundry?

Do you do your own washing up?

Do you do your own cooking?

Do you do your own budget?

Do you pay your own bills?

Do you deal with your own health issues?

If you can honestly say yes to every question above, then yes, you are self sufficient.”

“Learn how to cook a meal. Like really learn how to handle a knife, dice an onion, and saut√©.”

9. Learn a New Language

Keep learning something new. Whether it’s a language, an instrument, or a sport, it’s important to keep growing and expanding your horizons. 

“Take a language course. And ideally find some way of immersing yourself, so travel.”

10. Run a 5k

Completing a 5k can feel like a big accomplishment for people who aren’t regular runners. The process of training, working towards a goal, and then reaching that goal is a wonderful feeling. 

“Run a 5k. So you have a comparison to your health when you’re older.”

“I’m 29 next week and my aim for the next year is to run a marathon under 3 hours.”

What do you think about this advice? Do you have more words of wisdom to add? 

These comments were originally from Reddit.

Feature image: © RgStudio from Getty Images Signature via canva.com