Radio Hosts Jaws Drop as Man Explains to Ex Why He Ghosted Her on Air. Was he Wrong to Let Her Go?

Virgin Radio 99.9, out of Toronto, Canada, hosts a regular segment called Ghosted. Hosts Adam Wylde, TJ, and & Jax get to the bottom of why a caller has been cut off from all contact without an explanation. 

Jilted lover Ava had been seeing Nelson for three months. In her eyes, everything was going well, and she felt it was a serious relationship. They were regularly texting and seeing each other and getting along. She had also become quite close with Nelson’s sister in that time. They would hang out regularly, and Ava was excited to form a close bond with her. That is until Nelson stopped all communication without telling Ava why he wanted to end things.

So Ava called Virgin Radio, and hosts Adam, TJ, and Jax reached out to Nelson. At first, as expected, Nelson was shocked to receive the call and hesitant to share any information about why he broke up with Ava when asked. He wasn’t even informed that Ava was on the line listening when they called. 

Nelson Explains His Side of the Story

But eventually, the hosts got Nelson to start telling his side of the story. He talked about how his sister Sheila and Ava had started hanging out frequently. Nelson was happy with it as his sister is his best friend, and he would love for her to get along with his girlfriend. The answer is no for anyone questioning whether Sheila and Ava became an item, and you are not the only ones asking!

As Sheila and Ava became closer, Ava started to confide in Sheila about her brother Nelson. As it seems Sheila had heard enough to be concerned, she called her brother to inform him of some ‘red flags.’

Sheila said that Ava was ‘grooming’ him for marriage. As Nelson explained this, the hosts laughed and said, “is that really a thing?”

Nelson explained that Ava told Sheila she has a strict 6 month dating period. Ava is 32 and wanted to be married by 30, so she only gives men 6 months to prove they have marriage potential. 

Ava then told Sheila that there were major ‘red flags’ about Nelson, and she was DETERMINED to turn them ‘green.’ 

One host replied that it wasn’t a good idea to say that to Nelson’s sister.

Nelson said that Ava had told him she didn’t like how he dressed and suggested stores he should shop at. She also said to him that he eats like a slob. She also told Nelson he has horrible time management and criticized him for being late. 

Nelson politely explained that he understood that Ava had preferences. Still, her trying to mold him into something she wanted within 6 months was too much for him to handle. 

Was His Sister Shelia a Snitch?

When Nelson was done explaining, Ava came on the line and said his sister was a snitch, and she had told her all those things in confidence. Ava admitted to saying all those things but was shocked that Sheila would go to her brother and disclose everything she told her. Ava thought they were friends and could talk openly about her brother. But everyone was surprised that she wouldn’t believe that Sheila’s loyalties would lie with her brother, not someone she met three months ago. 

Ava thought Sheila would help her get Nelson to improve on the things she didn’t like about him. Instead, Sheila turned her back on her. 

Ava Still Thinks They Should Work it Out

After everything was said and done, Ava couldn’t take the hint (or direct communication) that the relationship was over. Host Adam asked if there was a future. Ava began to say that Nelson has lots of ‘potential’ and has put three good months into this that she didn’t want to waste. Nelson, while shocked at her response, immediately told Ava that he was done and didn’t want to see her ever again.

Ava was adamant that they try to work it out until the hosts approved of them going their separate ways. 

What do you think? Is Ava expecting too much? Should Nelson have given her another chance? Would they still be together if Sheila didn’t snitch?


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