Weird Food Combinations Some People are Obsessed With and Some Think Sound Disgusting

Some brave people enjoy experimenting with different food combinations, which might seem appealing. Others might turn your stomach just hearing about it. You never know which flavor blends can create a delicious meal or snack. Here is a list of weird food combinations that people swear are amazing and everyone should try.

1. Unlikely Peanut Butter Combinations

There were so many peanut butter combinations that it was best to list them all together. 

“I always get strange looks when I put peanut butter with my waffles and syrup.”

“I do peanut butter and pancakes. It’s amazing.”

“My wife puts peanut butter on her eggs. I’m making it for her as we speak. Toast, peanut butter, and an egg on top. Her parents eat it too. Tried it once, it’s as bad as it sounds.”

“Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.”

“Sandwich with peanut butter, bacon, tomato, and onion. My dad does it, and I’m hooked now.”

“Peanut butter and cheese sandwich.”

I put scoops of peanut butter in my mint chocolate chip ice cream and crumble Graham crackers or Oreos on top.

“Peanut butter and Miracle Whip sandwich.”

2. Cream Cheese on Hot Dogs

Seattle dogs are my jam, hotdog with cream cheese and caramelized onions.

“People are always giving me crazy looks here in Texas when I ask if they have cream cheese for my hot dog.”

“Cream cheese on pepperoni”

“Green olives & cream cheese.”

3. French Fries with Mustard, or Vinegar or Ice Cream

“Everyone thinks I’m insane bc I love fries with mustard NOT ketchup.”

“I’m down with that! Especially good with tater tots in my opinion.”
“That doesn’t sound too bad. I still prefer my fries with ketchup but that’s the nice thing about fries. They’re pretty bunch a canvas for sauces. I’d honestly eat my fries with just about any sauce that I like. I’ve eaten mustard with fries all my life. I’m glad I’m not alone. Most people think I’m crazy when I ask for it.”
“Apparently it’s weird to Americans, I’ve gotten many confused comments. They usually say they don’t have vinegar until they ask the kitchen, then it’s usually white vinegar and OCCASIONALLY malt if they are a decent place.”
“French fries dipped in vanilla shakes ! So good.”

4. Honey and Fried Chicken

“I put honey on fried chicken. Learned it from my dad. Everyone that witnesses it is thrown off by it, but it’s delicious.”
“Try it with hot honey!! When I was a kid I would dip my Mcnuggets (from McDonalds) in honey and my friends all looked up at me from their ranch dressing like I was crazy!”

5. Cheese and Honey or Jam

“Cheese and honey is the best thing on this planet.”
“Yes. Or a really sharp cheese with strawberry jam.”
“Ham and sharp cheddar omelette with strawberry jam is one of my favorite breakfast meals.”
“Italian here, born and raised in Parma ( yes the city of the Parmesan cheese) and you want honey with cheese or jams or fruit mustards. Nothing wrong here.”

6. Tuna Sandwich with BBQ Chips

“I prefer Doritos smashed inside, but yes!”
One reader commented their support “this is actually sounds SO good, i might try it!”
Another potato chip combination: “potato chips and spaghettios. I’ll eats chips without spaghettios, but never spaghettios without chips. Also, must be Lays. I rarely eat this anymore but when I do, I always snap a pic to send to my sister cause it’s our thing..”

7. Banana Soup


“It is pretty much just bananas, and cream chilled. Think of like a Banana Milkshake, but melted. Basically vegetable stock and bananas. Got the recipe from a friend, thought he’d gone crazy, tried it, loved it.”

8. Salt on Watermelon

“I grew up with salt on cantaloupe instead of watermelon- having had both, I like salt on cantaloupe more. Both are great though!”

9. Meat with Chocolate

“Medium rare steak and dark chocolate….not dripping with chocolate just a tiny bit. It just tastes good.”

“Milk chocolate on cheese pizza or in macaroni and cheese.”

“Pizza & chocolate pudding.”

10. Cheerios and Orange Juice Instead of Milk

Another reader mentioned that he eats spaghetti and orange juice.

11. Kraft Mac and Cheese With Canned Tuna

“Boil the peas and the mac together, drain, tuna it up and season, and you’ve got all the food groups in a single bowl!”

12. Instant Ramen and Nutella

The reader also mentioned they will use syrup or melted chocolate with instant ramen as well.

13. Tuna Fish and Bananas

“I don’t eat it but my family does!”

14. Fish Sticks With Applesauce

There was no show of support or any form of disgust expressed with this food combo.

15. Raw Onions or Kimchi in Ice Cream

Readers stayed silent on this strange combination as well!

Also chili on cinnamon buns received some support and some people thought it would taste great.

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