Women Forget the Pain But Not the Dumb Things Men Said During Labor

It’s not easy for men to watch their ladies go through so much pain and discomfort. They may feel nervous and say the wrong things. Others are just clueless about how to support women during labor. Here is a list of some dumb things men said while women were going through labor. 

1. Damn Babe, that Looks Like it Hurts

Several readers laughed and replied:

“Ya’ think?”

“Haha! Yea it sure does!”

2. Ease Up on the Gas

No, not that gas. She’s talking about nitrous oxide, an alternative to the epidural. 

“He doesn’t think I remember this because I was pretty zonked but I was sucking on that sweet sweet gas while I was riding contractions and he said “ease up on the gas babe”.

The nurse looked him dead on and said “she can have as much gas as she wants”. He was suitably cowed until it was time to cut the cord.”

3. He Offered Her a Pork Pie

“My BIL, at a complete loss on how to help or comfort his wife, panicked and pulled a 6 pack of Tesco mini pork pies out of his pocket and offered her one mid birth. That was 17 years ago and we are still laughing about it.”

4. Stop Screaming You’re Scaring the Other Women

Readers didn’t react well to a man saying this while a woman was experiencing labor pains. Another woman was told something similar by her partner:

“Shhh you sound like a mooing cow. It’s scaring people.”

Yes, both men are still alive.

5. He Was Starving and Needed a Nap

The woman continued to say:

“My daughter’s dad said he was exhausted after watching me go through 11 hours of labor unmedicated. Left after she was born because he was so tired. Been 26 years and I can still remember the nurse stop what she was doing, look at him, look at me, shake her head then go back to what she was doing.”

Several women caught on that they were no longer together after she used the words “my daughter’s dad.” Many women said it was a great decision to leave a man who complained about being tired when she was the one giving birth. 

6. I’m Not Ready for This

They were welcoming twins but they were coming a few weeks earlier than he expected.

“That was my dad in 1974…we are twins, and we arrived about two months early, as was definitely normal in those days.”

7. Hurry! The lady Down the Hall is Going to Beat Us

Luckily there’s a backstory here. 

“It was January 1st. He wanted us to win the 1st baby of the New Year.”

Unfortunately they came in second.

8. I’m Going to Grab Myself Some Nuggets. You Want Any?

“I was throwing up like crazy because of the contractions, and at this point was somewhat drugged cause I was awake for about 27 hours straight and in crazy pain and they were scared I’d pass out if I wasn’t able to somehow get some sleep.

Food was not my friend.

At the time it seemed dumb for him to say, but we honestly tell it as a party story that gets everyone rolling with laughter since my hubs does love his nuggets.”

9. Push Harder

The baby was breach and she ended up needing a c-section. But saying those words is annoying enough.

10. Can We Go Home?

“I was in labor at 16 hrs he said Can we go home? I was in labor another 6 hrs before baby was born.”

11. I’m Glad I’m a Man

Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed with his comment: “I legit wanted to throttle him it wasn’t dumb but caused me a deep inner rage..”

12. I’ve Helped Birth Cattle Before So this Should Be No Different

She recalls telling him to stop talking about cows with some expletives in the sentence.

13. He Compared the Baby’s Lungs to Hers

“When I gave birth to our son, I was like a damn warrior. I yelled one single time. Just once. When the doc made me stop pushing right when his head was partway out, so I wouldn’t tear. When the baby was born and started crying, the nurse said “oh, he’s got a nice loud yell!”. My very unwise husband said “Yep! Just like his Mom.”

14. Let’s Get This Show on the Road

“My mom said when she was in hours long labor with me, my dad took a nap and when he woke up he said “damn this baby still isn’t here? Let’s get this show on the road.”

15. Don’t Worry Babe at Least 3 Other Women Have Also Done This

Comedy during labor isn’t for all women but luckily his wife thought it was amusing.


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