We became familiar faces – a regular wave across the school parking lot, a smile at gymnastic classes, an exchange of mom life craziness stories at the grocery store. One day we came to really need these encounters and we started planning our mom meet ups.  We are Ivana and Nadia, 2 typical moms.  Typical in the sense that we are super busy, tired and grateful, but also overwhelmed.  And that is ok!  Just ask any mom and she will say the same, us moms need to stick together!

Would you agree that there are many stages and phases to mom life? We think about this often! We have both experienced the struggle of managing life and family as working moms. We eventually shifted to work from home and now we are stay at home moms! This is a space for all moms, welcome!

We have had some good laughs about the topics we google as moms. Is it ok that they ate dirt? Is an entire bag of doritos ok for a 3 year old?  How do I act like a teacher for homeschooling?  We have also spent many late nights scouring the internet for ideas to make meal times quicker and tastier, and family activities more fun, meaningful and manageable.

We created this online space for the everyday mom. You don’t need to be a master chefs, professional kid craft connoisseur, or professional educator (if you are that is cool!). 2020 has challenged moms across the country – we are on overdrive – attempting all that we can to manage our children and our careers.

So we have spent some time collecting our valuable mom hacks and now we are happy to share them with you.  We hope that our meal tips and activity suggestions will help you just as much as they have helped us and our current mom friends.

When we came up with the name This Mom is on Fire (yes thank you Alicia Keys!), we felt that when moms have a plan, an idea from a fellow mom, different options to try – the day is fueled in such a way that it all runs a little smoother (we aren’t saying you won’t find peanut butter in your hair) – but you know what we mean – some MOM CALM! The day is more organized and the kids like knowing what they are eating and what they are doing before the day starts…and suddenly your streak begins, because this Mom is on ‘fire’ 

Welcome to our community, a destination for the everyday mom! We hope you will visit often and we are so grateful to have you!

London, Ontario.