10 Unattractive Things Women Do According to Men

Some women may not realize that the very things they try to do to attract men may be turning them off. It’s especially true regarding trends that women everywhere pick up, often looking the same instead of standing out. Here are a few things that men say are an immediate turn-off.

1. Fake Anything

“The relatively recent lip injection trend is just bad. People with very thin lips doing it sparingly don’t look bad, but the majority of girls doing them either a) already have fuller lips naturally or b)overdo them, so it just looks bad.”

“Fake lips. I don’t get it why they do it but they look so unbelievable disgusting. Normal lips doesn’t matter if small medium or big are already so lovely imo (in my opinion).”

“I call that look “trout pout”.”

“Snuffleupagus ( a character on Sesame Street) eyelashes.”

“Butt implants. They look terrible.”

“Those horrid long fake nails, they honestly make me shudder a bit.”

2. Trying to Look Like an Influencer

“Try and look like Kim Kardashian or any influencer.”

“I just want to add that, beyond what you said, her (Kim K) and her family have been massive influences in our culture of drama, shallow materialism and superficiality, clout chasing, and attention seeking. It’s actually pathetic.”

3. Instantly Disliking Another Woman Because of Their Appearance

“One book I’ve read (written by a woman with a female main character) has the main character see another woman she’s never met before. The main character is short and dark-haired. The other woman is blonde and tall. The main character’s inner monologue says that it gives her the full right to hate her.”

4. Hating Random Women for No Reason

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“I dated a girl who always had something nasty to say about any girl within eyesight – got real old real quick.”

“Insecurity tends to be unattractive to everyone.”

“I call them pick me girls. They usually only put other girls down to get attention from men.”

5. Acting like the Guy is Invisible

“Women seem to do this thing where they act like not noticing me is hot I guess.”

“I’m not sure what your actual lived experience is, but I personally pretend to act like I don’t notice a guy because I never know what type of interaction it could lead to. It’s not like I’m trying to be rude. I assume most people are probably kind, but as a woman, I was raised to be super on guard at all times in public and part of protecting myself is pretending to not notice guys so I don’t have to engage.”

6. Acting Rude and Entitled

“Went to dinner with a few friends, one of them I always thought was kind of cute but omg when I saw the way she talked to the waiter I lost all interest in her.”

“If they’re beautiful they get a lot of attention and free passes throughout their lives which develops a sense of entitlement and a complete lack of self awareness.”

7. Dropping Hints Instead of Just Being Direct

Not being direct is a common complaint men have about women. A few women stepped in to explain why they do this.

“I think at some point everyone is like this. Being direct with your feelings makes you vulnerable, saying you like someone opens you up to be rejected. So people skirt around the borders, they drop subtle hints and take the less risky approach. It takes time for anyone to build confidence to put themselves out there, some people never really do it.”

“As a woman who is in the same position as your gf, I feel that. When I first started dating my boyfriend, both him AND his parents told me to just be upfront. When they said that, it felt like all this pressure just melted away. I HATE feeling like I have to leave hints. Sometimes when I’m mad I might guilt trip, but recently that’s become few and far between. It’s so much easier to just say what you mean, and it prevents a LOT of confusion from happening down the road. Direct communication FTW (for the win)!

8. Fake Baby Voice

“The cutesy high female voices of bubblegum pop (and K-pop and J-pop) do nothing for me.”

9. Acting Less Intelligent Than They Are

“Dumbing themselves down. It’s never cute.”

“I used to do this to an ex because every time I seem intelligent, he starts an argument until he wins. Eventually I just dumbed myself down to make him shut up.”

“Pretending to be helpless or clueless to get attention. Intelligent, capable women are incredibly attractive. The opposite is not.”

10. Taking Endless Selfies

“That nonstop need for an online dopamine hit and constant need for being liked is one of the worst qualities in a person imo (in my opinion).”

“Basing your entire personality and life around your appearance. It might be attractive in the short-term, but if you treat yourself like some kind of trophy you are just objectifying yourself. Especially when you think that is enough and have nothing else.”

“Both men and women would ideally like a partner they find physically attractive, but regardless of your gender, if you base your whole life around looking good and not developing and improving yourself as a person, you will be unattractive.”

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