Tired of Hearing I’m Bored? Try These 50 Fun Activities for Kids

Trying to entertain bored children can be a challenge. Boredom can strike during hours outside of school so often that constantly taking them out for entertainment can be a big drain on your budget. All parents would love for their kids to find activities to do that are free or affordable and keep the kids happy.

Prepare for the next time you hear the words ‘I’m bored’ by checking out this list of activities that are free or low-cost, many are at home and can help keep the kids entertained for hours.

girl blowing bubbles

Things to Do When You’re Bored

1. Online Games

Of course many kids can’t get enough of video games. But if they are going to be on screens anyway, why not get them to play games that have a learning component to them? Many of the games available online are free and don’t even require people to sign up or download anything. Not sure which websites are good to venture around for some games? We got you covered! Check out these sites for math games, online art projects and even typing games. The kids can learn new skills and practice all while having fun, so their time online won’t be a waste.

2. Paper and Pen Games

Yes, kids can kill boredom with even just a pen and paper! There are a lot of different paper games that kids can play. Many of us are already familiar with such games as tic-tac-toe and hangman. Kids can also make cryptograms, cootie catchers, play squares and much more.

3. Go on a Bingo Walk

Bingo walks are a great way to make regular family strolls around the neighborhood much more fun with the kids. You can easily make your own bingo cards (or download a free template). Some examples of things you can try to spot on your bingo walks are:

  • A driveway with 3 cars
  • A house with a brown roof
  • A house with a flag
  • A particular bird flying by

Some things are more challenging to find. If they weren’t, we would walk down the street once and be done with the game! So try to be creative, enjoy the fresh air and exercise and have fun finding the things on your card.

4. Buy a Kit or Subscription Box

Many kids love getting things in the mail. Signing up for regular subscription boxes with new activities like crafts and science experiments that will keep the kids busy for hours is often well worth the price and less expensive than taking them out somewhere to pass the time.

Some of the children’s subscription boxes that we have enjoyed include Green Kids Craft – full of STEM activities and Universal Yums which contains activities and treats from a different country each month.

I also purchased an inexpensive balloon twisting kit, which is basically shaping balloons to make animals and objects out of them like clowns do at birthday parties and events. Most kits contain many specialty balloons for twisting and a pump. Some include access to an app or other instructional material. There are also some good tutorials on YouTube.

5. Read a Book

Immersing yourself in a good book is a great way to pass the time. There are many children’s chapter books that are full of adventure and suspense that kids love. You can even set up a time for the whole family to read together.

boy reading a book

6. Make a Scrapbook

Starting a scrapbook with the kids can be fun. It allows them to not only display their artistic side, but also relive old memories and hear stories about themselves as you go through their baby pictures. You can purchase a scrapbooking kit or buy an album and go to a craft store and purchase your own supplies like jewels, stickers, special colored pens, etc.

Scrapbooking can also be a relaxing activity and is great activity for family bonding.  

7. Build with Legos and Other Materials

Legos are the OG of building materials. But there are many new materials like even simple wooden planks that can make some amazing creations. Building is a great way to show your creativity and engineering skills. Challenge each other to build the strongest or tallest structure to make it more fun.

8. Cook or Bake Together

Its never too early to involve kids in the kitchen to help with cooking or baking. Check out all our tips and how to give kids age appropriate chores in the kitchen. Kids love measuring and mixing ingredients. They are also more likely to eat more of whatever they helped make! So get them washing some veggies that you want them to try!

9. Play Board Games

Board games are not only fun, about can also teach children some important skills like teamwork and language skills. Look for games that are suitable for their age group so that everybody can play. Check out our recommendations for a fun family game night.

kids playing a board game

10. Science Experiments

Kids love hands on experimenting. There are simple science experiments that kids can do at home with basic supplies you may already have. There are many they can even do on their own. Having some control helps build confidence while learning something new and exciting.

11. Listen to Podcasts and Audio Books

Podcasts and audiobooks are great when kids need some non-screen time activities, when they don’t feel like reading a book or are on a long car ride. There are many podcasts for children now that are fun and engaging. They are also full of interesting facts to help the kids learn so much about different topics like animals and science. Check out some of our reviews and put one on when the kids need something to keep them busy or just want some down time.

12. Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt game that people from all over the world take part in. The purpose of the game is to try to find treasures hidden by other players using your GPS device while exploring interesting locations. You can learn more about how to participate in geocaching here.  It’s an exciting activity, with fresh air and exercise so it’s a fun family activity.

13. Exercise

When we were initially homebound with the pandemic, we knew we had to come up with different things to do to bust boredom and get the kids energy out. So we decided to start regular family workouts. We did go for walks and bike rides outdoors, but we also needed to find things to do indoors when the weather wasn’t agreeable. So we found a fitness program to follow and started a family fitness routine. The kids loved it and burned some energy too.

14. Design T-shirts

Customizing a t-shirt is a fun and creative activity your kids will definitely enjoy doing.  They will love being involved in every step of the process.  From brainstorming ideas of what picture or design they would like on their shirt to the hands-on designing, they will love walking around displaying their art on their shirts.

15. Work on a Puzzle

Puzzles are great for rainy days or times when you just want some downtime. Kids can put together smaller puzzles or the whole family can work on a large one together. Bigger, complicated puzzles (think of how many plain blue pieces you would have for the sky in landscape puzzles!) requires patience, perseverance, problem solving and teamwork! The fact that you are working on a project together will make it more fun.

two girls putting a puzzle together

16. Watch Shows or Have a Movie Night

Kids need downtime as well, and unwinding with a movie or a few funny tv shows is a great way to do it. Sometimes as a family its hard to find shows and movies that cater to all the different age groups. Check out this list of shows on Disney that even parents will enjoy. Dim the lights, grab some snacks, get cozy on the couch and enjoy your show or movie together.

17. Have a Dance Party

A dance party is another great way to exercise, have fun and burn some energy. One of our favorite things to watch is clips of Parent Jam online. Its so inspiring to see parents doing dance routines with their children. Its also a great way to pick up some moves! You can also put on a freeze dance and let loose with unchoreographed dancing!

18. Print Activity Pages

Coloring and doing activity sheets like word searches and mazes can be relaxing and enjoyable activity for kids. Print off activity sheets with different characters that they like or other themes and watch them solve riddles and find words while having fun.

19. Do a DIY Craft

Open-ended play is great because it gives kids the chance to show their creativity and be in control of their own project. You can stock up on supplies from the Dollar Tree or you can use recyclables already in the house such as toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, milk cartons and old containers.

If you would like them to do a more structured art lesson, there are many sites that have tutorials that children can follow. You could also give the kids a challenge such as getting them to design their own bird feeders for example.

20. Go on a Nature Walk

Taking a walk on a trail through the woods can be breathtakingly beautiful, especially in the autumn season when the trees are full of colorful leaves. It can also be a calming experience, fun and great exercise.

21. Start a Garden

Gardening together is a really good and productive family activity and also a nice life skill to know. With so many chemicals sprayed on fruits and vegetables being imported, its great to be able to grow your own food and learn how to take care of them naturally. Children as also more likely to eat the fruits and vegetables that they had a hand in growing.

two kids and adult teaching them how to garden

22. Play a Sport

There are many outdoor activities kids can do. Some activities include going for a hike, a bike ride and rollerblading. You can also play soccer, basketball, football and ball hockey without needing a lot of equipment.

23. Set up an Obstacle Course

The kids can set up an indoor obstacle course using chairs, cushions, skipping ropes and anything else they can think of! They can also move it outdoors to your backyard and use sporting equipment, sticks, rocks and anything else they can find outside! Have fun running around and jumping over things.

24. Paint Rocks

Gather some rocks from outside that have a nice flat surface. Then paint them with pretty pictures, colors and positive messages! Either make your own collection or place them outside around the parks and neighborhood for people walking by to spot and enjoy.

25. Draw Outside with Sidewalk Chalk

Draw pictures with different colors and play games like tic-tac-toe and hangman. You can even assign the kids a theme. For example, ask them to draw farm animals or a city with cars and trees and buildings.

26. Do a Scavenger Hunt

You can hide things around the house and place clues in different areas to help lead them to an object. You can also have a checklist of things for them to find that they mark off once they have spotted them. You can also do a nature or neighborhood hunt to find specific things you would see while walking around. Pick a theme and send the kids off to hunt!

27. Virtual Visits

Need rainy day activities or just want to stay indoors? Try taking a virtual tour! There are so many virtual tours set up since the pandemic when people were home bound. Museums, zoos, historical landmarks and famous tourist sites. There are so many options. For example, you can do a virtual tour of the White House, the Louvre museum in France, the Great Wall of China and the Amazon Rainforest to name just a few!

28. Visit a Farm

Visiting a farm is a fun and affordable activity. Many have set up activities for children such as hayrides, corn mazes and areas to observe the animals closer up. Of course you can also buy fresh fruit and vegetables and sometimes even pick it yourself.

a family on a farm feeding goats

29. Visit the Library

The local library can be more than just a place to pick out books to read. They often have extra activities set up for kids such as crafts and free board games and puzzles to play with. Libraries may also have special programs set up such as activities to celebrate different holidays.

30. Look for Community Events

Communities may put together fairs and other events. Check your local community center for children’s programs, activities and sporting events.

31. Have a Spa Day

Want something fun and relaxing to do? Why not have a spa or pamper day! Put on some nail polish, make a natural mask and put on some nice smelling lotions! Relax, sit back and read or listen to some music while you wait for your nail polish to dry.

32. Redecorate

Do you have a redecorating project the kids can help with? Have they outgrown their own rooms? Maybe they can design something else like a cozy corner or a play area? Move furniture around, come up with different storage solutions and buy or make some artwork to help decorate your new space.

33. Play with Play Dough or Clay

This is another good open ended play option.  Kids can get creative and mold different things like animals, people, characters and other things. Throw in some supplies like a rolling pin, googly eyes and other art supplies and watch them get creative.

34. Look at Home Videos and Digital Photos

My kids just love watching old videos and old pictures of themselves as babies and toddlers. They laugh hysterically and it brings back great memories for us parents. It’s a a fun activity to do together.

35. Play Games with No Equipment

Its hard to believe you can play games without needing anything but your body! Here are a few games you can play without needing any equipment:

  • Tag
  • hide-and-go-seek
  • charades
  • 20 questions
  • Would you rather
  • Two truths and a lie
a kid hiding in a closet playing hide and go seek

36. Learn Something New

Try to learn something you haven’t done before. With so many tutorials online, you can learn to draw, knit, paint, crochet, cook or maybe even fix something yourself. The possibilities are endless! You never know, once you learn something it may even become your new hobby.

Seasonal Activities

Winter Activities

a family going tobogganing

37. Go Ice-skating

38. Build a Snowman or Snow Sculpture

39. Go Tobogganing

40. Have a Snowball Fight

Spring Activities

girls getting ready for an easter egg hunt

41. Do an Easter Egg Hunt

42. Observe Different Species of Bugs and Birds

43. Go Fishing

Summer Activities

two kids on a beach

44. Go Camping

45. Go to the Beach

46. Go to Swimming Pools and Splash Pads

47. Visit all the City Parks

Fall Activities

a boy playing in the fall leaves

48. Make Handprint Turkeys and Write Gratitude Notes for Thanksgiving

49. Make Halloween Crafts and Decorations

50. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Play these Activities When Kids are Bored

There are plenty of ways to entertain kids when they are bored. Many are free and at home. Take the time to learn your options and when boredom arises you will be prepared to help show kids ways to keep themselves busy and have fun.