20 Best Outdoor Toys to Keep Kids Busy in the Backyard

A lot of kids love the outdoors and can occupy themselves just around their own yards. But if we want to keep things interesting for them, its good to invest in some outdoor toys to help them entertain themselves for longer!

We know there are major health and developmental benefits for kids to play outdoors regularly. I notice such a huge difference in my kids when they have spent a good amount of time outside versus being inside all day. We have some cold days in our area, but we bundle up the best we can and make our way outside, even if its just for 20 minutes.

My kids have had their fair share of fun with collecting pine cones, twigs, leaves and rocks! But as they get older, the amount of time they can spend with these things is more limited now.

The outdoor toys we have selected help encourage imaginative and exploratory play to help support their curious and creative minds. The following are some fun outdoor toy ideas to help keep the kids excited and, most important, occupied!

The following are some toys that are easily available on Amazon. If you make a purchase through our links we will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read our full disclosure policy here.

Imaginative Play

chalk. We have designed cities and drawn busy highways with trucks and cars, family portraits and lots of games of tic-tac-toe. The possibilities are endless.

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit

Not only will the kids love putting their art creations on rocks, they will love the fact that they glow in the dark! They will love having them shine in their rooms at night. They can also go on walks and leave some of their creations for the community to enjoy.

Fort Building Kit

This STEM activity will help their imaginations run wild by building different structures to make their perfect forts.

Giant Bubble Maker

Exploratory Play

Bug Catching Set

Oh the excitement of finding a lady bug! Well now is there chance to take their love of nature and bug watching to another level with this kit.

Outdoor Scavenger hunt

This scavenger hunt takes the game to another level by including walkie-talkies to add some excitement!

Outdoor science experiments

This is another STEM kid that will give the kids something exciting to do outdoors while learning about science.

Dueling Stomp Rockets

Archery Set

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Display your art and your own planted garden! Kids will learn how to plant and take care of their own little gardens.

Flying Drones

Physical Play

Ninja obstacle course

Setting up different obstacles courses for the kids to play on is a great way for them to burn some energy. Have a skills competition and record best times for completing the course!

Badminton set

Laser Tag

This game will help take playing tag to another level! The kids will run around for hours playing this game!

Paddle Toss and Catch Ball Game

Multi-Purpose Sit, Stand, Climb Disk Swing

Outdoor Lawn Games

These multi game packages are perfect for kids so they don’t get bored with the same game. The more the merrier with these games to help keep the competition fun and lively!

Nerf Super Soaker Guns

Snow Sled – for the Winter months


I hope these toy additions to your backyard will help keep the kids entertained and engaged so they are excited to stay outside longer!

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