Use Kids Art to Make a Puzzle from a Picture

Nowadays you can make a puzzle out of any picture or photograph you like. Big box stores like Costco and Walmart have the option for customers to upload pictures and will turn them into a jigsaw puzzle of any size you like.

So why not make our own custom puzzles at home with the kids?! My kids are really into drawing lately. So I gave them a puzzle template (available in our free printables section) and had them draw a picture on that sheet. They just loved the idea of making their own puzzle and having their family and friends put it together.

One thing to keep in mind is that the more pieces you want, the more cutting is involved! Definitely not the most fun part of the puzzle art but they still loved the idea.

Lets get started with how to make a puzzle from a picture diy:

Step 1

Print the puzzle template according to the size you want.

The blank template for the puzzle

Print it from our free printable section by signing up here:

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Step 2

Draw your picture! Try to cover as much of the space as you can with your artwork.

The artwork or drawing on top of the puzzle template

Step 3

This is an optional step which is to glue your template onto a sturdier material like construction paper or cardstock.

Step 4

Cut along the lines to separate each puzzle piece.

the puzzle pieces

Step 5

Give it to someone to put back together!

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