How to DIY Spa Products at Home

One of my all-time favorite mom hacks is to DIY spa products at home. It also allows me to have some fun with my girls since they love it as well. So we have a spa day and make our own products. My daughters love to play spa by pretending I’m the client.  Not sure why since I am the only one who gets pampered but this is the one time I will overlook playing fairly! LOL.

Have you ever gone to the spa and felt so great and relaxed until you go to pay and are suddenly wondering if the extra upgrade you got coaxed into was really worth it? Like come on, the few drops of essential oils really cost that much more! I love to be pampered but hate the price tag that comes along with it. This is another reason that motivated me to try making my own products.

With pandemic safety measures still in effect and having a lot of time at home, I decided to do some research and also experiment a little in my kitchen.  I came up with a few wonderful natural, homemade products that I can use safely in the comfort of my own home at a fraction of the cost.

We always make our face masks first. We then get all our lotions and potions nicely set up with towels. Next we spend some time trying to perfect the atmosphere. I light some candles, we dim the lights and I turn on my Spotify and play our favorite relaxing piano spa music softly in the background. I usually lay in bed or on the couch and my girls give me little massages with nice smelling lotions, brush my hair and ask me about my day.

The first mask I made is extremely simple and is safe for children to use as well. Its super gentle and a little extra moisture never hurt anyone especially during our Canadian cold winter months.

Although there are no chemicals involved, please do a patch test to ensure you have no allergic reactions.

Moisturizing Banana Mask

How to DIY Spa Products at Home Banana Mask

Yes, this is not a typo! Bananas are not only great in baked goods but are also great on your skin. Did you know that you can use a banana (peel and all) as an all-natural moisturizing face mask which will leave your skin looking and feeling softer?

Bananas are so inexpensive and readily available all year round. For pennies you can have a wonderful moisturizing face mask. Bananas are high in potassium and moisture which will hydrate your skin. This is safe for kids to use as well.


Mash up a ripe banana into a smooth paste. If using the peel (which is packed with moisturizing properties), place it all in the food processor and puree it into a smooth paste. Then gently apply it to your face and neck.

Let it set for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse off with cold water.

If you don’t want to use the peel in the mask, save it and place the peel over your eyelids, this will sooth and help reduce the puffiness of your tired eyes.

You might look funny but once you wash your face you will be amazed how soft and supple your face will be!

Turmeric and Egg Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Mask

How to DIY Spa Products at Home Turmeric Mask

Did you know that turmeric is not only good in curries but also good on our skin? This powerhouse spice actually has been scientifically proven to have natural healing properties and it’s also amazing as a beauty product. turmeric is high in antioxidants, helps with inflammation, reduces pigmentation and evens out skin tone. Best of all, it reduces signs of aging.

These days turmeric can be easily found in the spice aisle at the grocery store. When partnered up with an egg and some extra virgin olive oil, you have yourself an at home face lift treatment.


Depending on your skin type: Dry, Oily or Normal please follow my tips on how to use the egg in this face mask:

Dry skin – use the yolk only

Oily skin – use the egg white only

Normal skin – use the entire egg

Mix together egg (yolk, white or entire egg), 1 tsp of organic extra virgin olive oil and ¼ tsp turmeric powder into a paste. Apply to the face for about 20 mins or until dry. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Coconut Oil and Sugar Full Body Exfoliate

How to DIY Spa Products at Home Coconut Oil Exfoliant

I love a good exfoliating and find that it’s necessary to do routinely at least once a week for healthy and glowing skin. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and can be extremely beneficial in protecting your skin during the cold winter months which we are fast approaching. 

Most exfoliants out on the market today can be too abrasive and damaging to your skin. They can also be quite expensive, whereas granulated sugar is gentler on your skin and your budget.  The sugar granulates will remove the dirt, stimulate skin cell growth and remove dry, flakey skin.


All you need for this wonderful luxurious scrub is ½ cup of virgin coconut oil and 1 cup of granulated sugar. Mix well and apply this scrub to your face, hands and other body parts in light circular motion. Rinse well with warm water and you will see and feel the immediate results.

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How to DIY Spa Products at Home
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