Neighborhood Walk Bingo – Free Printable Bingo Cards

I often think as we are out for our neighborhood walk bingo game with pencils and cards in hands, looking up and down the street and homes, if the neighbors ever wonder what the heck we are doing! If they ever asked, I would gladly explain we are:

  1. Getting fresh air
  2. Trying to keep the kids busy
  3. Getting exercise
  4. Spending family time together
  5. Trying to pass time on a weekend when there’s nowhere to go!

Why We Started Neighborhood Walk Bingo

We have often taken after dinner and weekend walks around the neighborhood with the kids. But then the pandemic hit. Instead of walks becoming a leisure activity, they became a necessity as there was nowhere else to go! Sometimes we would go multiple times a day to just stretch and get out, so we needed to make things more interesting for the kids.

The kids have always loved scavenger hunts and playing bingo at home, so I knew the bingo walk would be a hit with them.

Ideas for the Bingo Cards

Its not fun to make the cards so easy that you walk one block and hear someone yell BINGO already! So it does need to be a little challenging. Here are some examples:

  • a driveway with 3 cars
  • a house with a brown roof
  • a house with a flag
  • a house with a welcome sign
  • a house with red on it
  • a house with a Ford truck
  • a house with an outdoor chair
  • a particular bird – cardinals are more visible in the winter here, whereas robins are out in the spring
  • a white Toyota car

Free Printable Bingo Cards

In our free printables section under the Activities category in the menu, we have a few bingo cards ready to go for you, as well as a blank template to fill your own in. Just sign up to get the password to our printable library.

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