Green Kids Craft Review 2021

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Since we’ve been spending a significant amount of time at home, often homeschooling as well, parents worldwide are on a constant search for creative activities for kids to do at home. We had a lot of time on our hands and needed more little projects to keep the kids busy. So I ventured into the world of subscription boxes. One of them was Green Kids Craft subscription service.

I am not a crafty mom. I think I’ve made this confession a few times already! It’s unfortunate for my beautiful little daughters (ages 7 and 9) because they love to do these types of creative activities.

I do feel bad for the kiddos on those rainy days when there is nothing fun to do and making crafts with them would be a good option! The most I can do is pull out the paints and playdough for them.  However I know that they would much rather be doing something more exciting.

Personally, I would prefer for them to be doing something more mentally stimulating but I know that pulling out math activity books for them to do is not considered as much fun as I think it should be!

Green Kids Craft Kit

As I mentioned, my lack of craftiness immediately attracted me to the Green Kid Crafts box.  Well I thought, if I can’t be a crafty mom, I can sure as heck can get the craft delivered to my door monthly without any effort on my part.  This seemed like a win-win situation. I get the praise for being the cool mom who has all these amazing crafts up her sleeve, and my kids get to have something fun to do other than play video games and fight with each other!

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Here is my video review. You can also continue reading below:

Why I Picked Green Kids Craft Box Over Other Craft Boxes

1. Its ‘Green’

Green Kid Craft Boxes have a partnership with One Tree Planted where they plant one tree for ever purchase.  They also donate 1% of their sales to environmental non-profits activism, and they use eco-friendly products as much as possible. This really appealed to me as I am a believer in doing our part to help reduce waste.

The clutter that comes out of crafting can be pretty significant. Construction paper can’t be recycled where I live so quite a bit ends up going in the garbage.

2. Green Kids Craft are STEAM Crafts

Also another top reason for wanting this craft box for my kids was because all the crafts at Green Kid Box are educational and crafted by STEAM experts (Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). My kids are huge fans of fun science experiments and that is something I honestly cannot personally deliver to them without doing a great deal of research, time and effort on my part. As a busy mom, I just do not have the time or energy to come up with my own educational science experiments. So the fact that carefully planned science crafts can be delivered to my door on a monthly basis really appealed to me.

3. Green Kids Craft is Award Winning

The thing that really wowed me was that they have won numerus awards and received recognition for their outstanding work since the company started out in 2010. In such a short time frame this company has been given the Parents’ Choice Award, Academics Choice Brain Toy Award and MACT Green Award just to name a few.

4. Expert Approved

A panel of child development experts acts as Green Kid Crafts’ creative and educational consultants. Since all of the craft activities are tested by an amazing panel of experts I felt more confident knowing that my own kids will enjoy this product. As kid satisfaction is very important to this company, every Green Kid Craft box is geared to stimulate the “whole child”. They follow this by making sure that the following criteria are met as per their website

Be Creative

Create something I’m proud of. Projects allow kids to be creative, build confidence and enjoy a sense of accomplishment as they produce crafts and conduct experiments they love, that are unique and special to them.

Active Lifestyle

Move my body. Activities develop fine and/or gross motor skills and encourage active play.

Use My Thinking Brain

Completing our enriching crafts and STEAM experiments flexes kids’ sequencing, reasoning, and/or problem solving skills.

Be Open-Minded

Discover the world around me. Our products give kids a wider view of their world, from either a nature-based, scientific, or cultural perspective.

Be Good-Hearted

Care for myself, others, and the planet. Discovery box themes and the kits inside also teach children to be considerate and respectful towards people and nature.

First Impressions

When the Green Kid Craft box arrived, I hate to say this but I was a little worried because the box looked a little small. I honestly did not think that 6 activities/crafts were in the box and that both of my kids would be able to share the one box.  

However, once opened, I was pleasantly surprised and proven wrong. 6 activities/crafts were thoughtfully packaged and perfectly labelled. The fact that there are so many activities available in the kit means that multiple kids can be engaged at the same time.

Also, if your kids are the type who will fight over who opens the craft box once it arrives to the door, you can order a second craft box for a discounted price. Oh, have I mentioned that this companies CEO is a mother? This woman really gets it! So, I thank you Penny Bauder for this.

Getting Started with Green Kids Craft

The kids could not wait to rip the box open to get started, they were over the moon with excitement. The Box we got was called “Color Science” with 6 activities in the box and recommended for ages 7-9.

Once we opened the package, the activities were grouped into 2 different bags:

Bag 1: Activities 1 -3

Bag 2: Activates 4-6

This is perfect if you have multiple kids and they want to do their own thing. However for our first activity the girls decided that they would like to do one activity together.

The Activities in Green Kids Craft Box

The instructions for this activity needed some parental guidance but nothing that was overwhelmingly difficult to follow. So with some help from mom, the girls made their own colourful kaleidoscope out of jelly marbles. The marbles were the size of a pinhead which we placed in water and got to watch them grow.

The cool thing that I love about the materials that came in the craft box is that everything was pretty much recycled or can be repurposed in some way after the craft is done and once the kids have had their fun. The marbles, once dried shrink back so once they are done playing with them I can always repurpose them into some home décor.

Educational Fun

My daughters had a wonderful time making the crafts. The science experiments are a wonderful way to get kids into learning while having fun.

I believe this craft box subscription would be a great teaching tool for homeschooled children as it takes the activities a step further with extra activity options to try on your own.  Also, if paired along with some printable activity sheets you can easily have a science lesson with hands on activities all children would love. 

Would I Recommend Green Kids Craft?

I was honestly impressed with the quality, creativity and the educational content of this subscription box and what it had to offer. I would recommend Green Kid Craft boxes to others, as it makes entertaining our kids seem effortless.

It is very important for me that when my kids are entertained that they get something more out of their activities, something that will benefit and stimulate them intellectually. Here you are given activities crafted by STEAM experts (Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and as a busy mom, it really is helpful for once to have someone else do the hard work for you.

What Does Green Kids Craft Cost and is it Worth the Price?

Green Kid Craft Boxes are priced rather reasonably, they start at $29.95 U.S. and you can have your kids work on several activities together. If you decide to get a subscription, you do get discounted prices the more months you subscribe for.

What I also found to be really nice was that if you do not want to commit to purchasing a subscription right away you can always check out their individual craft boxes. They have so many themes to choose from based on your child’s interests and most of them still come with 4-6 activities inside the box.

The Green Kid Crafts provided educational fun for my kids and I think that was money well spent.

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