Fun Math Games Online for Kids : Free, No Sign Up, No Download!

Have kids who aren’t enthusiastic about learning and practicing math? Working through math sheets and repetitive questions can be boring so it’s no wonder children aren’t motivated to practice math.

What if there was a way for even toddlers to learn math and have fun doing it? Kids of all ages are drawn to technology, and learning from computers is the way kids like to learn and interact these days. So we compiled a list of fun math games to help kids learn and practice math and have fun while doing it.

When using online math games, I prefer sites where I don’t need to sign up and the kids can just play. I would avoid signing up for ‘free trials’ and providing any credit card information as there are plenty of websites with free math games that don’t require this.

Here are some websites we like to go on to help reinforce math concepts the kids learn at school and strengthen their skills:

Fun Math Games and Websites

1. Cool Math Games

screenshot of math game website cool math games.

According to, this popular math site was started by a math teacher back in 1997.  This site is more geared to middle and high school students. Cool math believes that these educational games help disguise learning and skill improvement in a playful way.  This website and app attract over 40 million players a month.

There are plenty of math games that require mental math and quick thinking to beat a challenge like Math Clash and Calculate This! I would use these games more for mental math practice and strategy than depend on the games to actually teach kids new information. For actually learning something new in math, check out the sister site for learn algebra and pre-calculus.

2. Math Playground

Screenshot of the math games website Math Playground.

This website has math games catering to children from kindergarten to grade 6. There are a wide variety of games categorized by topic for each grade. The games are colorful and interactive with hundreds of games and puzzles to choose from.  Math Playground breaks the math games up into a few different categories: Math Games, Logic Games, Math Arcade and Story Math. You also have a Math Videos section to help kids understand new math concepts. This is a math website where kids are guaranteed to feel motivated to play different games and have fun learning.

3. Math Gametime

Screenshot of the website Math Game Time

This math games website has learning concepts for children ages pre-kindergarten to grade 7. Children can also select games based on different math subjects. These games are quick to load and easy to follow.  There are also math videos, including a few from the beloved show Sesame Street, to teach kids math concepts. This is a very informative website to help kids learn and have fun while reinforcing the information they have learned with games.

4. Splash Learn

Logo for the math games website Splashlearn.

This site has math games available for children ages pre-Kindergarten to grade 5. The math games are categorized by math subject as well.  These math games are colorful, easy to understand and quick to load. This site is more for practicing math concepts that have already been learned. This program actually has an adaptive algorithm, so the level will change to be in line with the child’s skills.

5. PBS Kids

Screenshot from a math game on pbskids

PBS Kids math games are for pre-school and elementary school aged kids. However I would use this site for toddlers and pre-kindergarten. The math games considered for elementary school kids are light on the math content and don’t have much educational value for older than pre-kindergarten. The website has high quality animation and fun games that will have toddlers picking up basic math concepts in no time.

6. Math Games 4 Children

screenshot of the math games website

This website has kids’ math games from pre-Kindergarten to the 7th grade.  There are many games to choose from and this site is a great resource to help kids practice math concepts. The games are fun and engaging and will have the kids practicing math without even realizing it.

7. Room Recess

An image representing the website Room Recess

This website which also has some excellent typing games, is for kids ages Kindergarten to grade 6. This website was developed by an elementary school teacher and allows kids to have fun going through these games while helping reinforce fundamental math concepts.

8. Math Nook

Screenshot of the math game website Mathnook

This math website has resources for children in Kindergarten all the way up to high school. Math games are separated by category and there are many math concepts to choose from and practice.  Each game has a separate description, as well as the skills that are tested such as multiplication, geometry etc. These games are fun and a great way to practice and test your math knowledge.

9. Primary Games

an image representing the website called Primary Games

This is a really fun and colorful site. Categories are separated by grade – from pre-Kindergarten to grade 6 and by different math skills. There are hundreds of games to choose from. I did find that the commercials were longer before the game than the other sites, although they do have a symbol in the corner that says ad safe which I didn’t see on any other website. But the games are fun and great for math practice.

10. FunBrain

Screenshot of the math website Funbrain

Fun Brain has a category called Math Zone and you can browse games by grade. This site caters to grades pre-Kindergarten to grade 8. You can choose the level of difficulty with many of the games. The ads are timed so kids will know how long they have to wait until they end and the graphics are higher end than most of the other sites.

Math Games to Help Kids Review Math Concepts

These are the fun math games online that we love practicing math on. I don’t depend on these games to teach any new concepts. I consider these free math games for kids as a great resource to motivate kids to practice and to help reinforce math concepts already learned in school.

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