20 Popular Kids Movies that Made Adults Cry Like a Baby

Many people may believe that most kids’ movies are lighthearted, entertaining, and amusing. But that’s not always the case. Some movies are really intense, as they are meant to draw in adults as much as children. People were asked on an online forum which films would make a 6-year-old girl cry. However, many commenters talked about what movies made them cry like a 6-year-old instead. So this list focuses more on what movies made some adults cry like kids when kids movies.

1. Watership Down

Watership Down is a tale about a group of rabbits who set out to find a new home and face some challenges along the way.

“Im a fella in my late 30s and it makes me cry”

“That movie stills scares me 20 years later.”

2. A Little Princess

An imaginative young girl goes to boarding school and tries to make the best of life through different challenges.

“I read the novel and then saw the movie and I think it was the first book I cried over.”

“OMG, I still sob over the end “Papa! You have to remember me!” And when he runs out on the street calling her name? Gets me every time.”

3. Homeward Bound

A bulldog pup, Himalayan cat, and golden retriever set out together on a long journey through the wilderness to reach home to their owners.

“Always cry at the end when the old yellow lab shows up.” (corrected to golden retriever)

“I used to cry at the cat almost drowning scene.”

“I will never watch that movie again. I’ve been a cat lover all my life and that scene destroyed me.”

4. Inside Out

A young girl moves to San Francisco, and her emotions, joy, sadness, fear, disgust, and anger, all help her cope with her new life there.

“It’s a Pixar movie that has a lot of heart-wrenching moments and it’s suitable for children of all ages.”

“I still can’t tell people the plot of the movie without tearing up, so I’d say yeah.”

5. My Girl

One of the most mentioned movies, My Girl, is about a young girl who turns to her friend for support when her dad starts dating a woman.

“Crushes me every time! Absolutely heartbreaking.”

“110% this movie.”

“Yes! Watched this movie about a year ago with my wife and cried like a baby!”

6. The Land Before Time

A young dinosaur is left alone after his mother is attacked by a vicious carnivore and dies. He is forced to flee his home and search for the Great Valley, where other dinosaurs have moved on.

“I’m shocked it’s so low on the list because it’s my top rec as well. Damn I still cry.”

“Have a box of Kleenex ready. You will sob.”

“I’m 27 and that movie still makes me cry.”

7. Bridge to Terabithia

The story follows two 11-year-old friends who create a fantasy world called Terabithia to spend their time there and try to cope with reality.

“I was in my late 20s and this movie made me cry. Was not what I was expecting. I thought I was going to watch a fantasy film like lord of the rings. Instead I was curled up sobbing like a 6 year old.”

“This is the answer right here. I was an adult thinking I was going into a fantasy children’s movie. Was not prepared for the gut punch.”

8. Big Hero 6

A boy who loves robotics befriends an inflatable healthcare robot created by his brother, who tragically passes away.

“Man, we had a house fire around the time of this movie releasing and I bawled my eyes out.”

9. Coco

A young 12-year-old boy named Miguel is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead, where he seeks help from his deceased family members.

“I cry every time I see it.”

“It’s saddest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m in my early twenties and Coco made me bawl my eyes out.”

10. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron

A horse named spirit who is captured during the American-Indian war by the United States is freed by a Native American man who tries to get Spirit back to his village.

“It’s amazing, the music is wonderful, it’s sad at some points in the movie, and happy tears at the end!”

“It’s a 10/10 animated Dreamworks classic that doesn’t get enough hype, I put it on if I feel I need a cry and I can’t get it out.”

“Yep, I was a horse-girl and cried through the entire movie even as a teenager.”

11. Brother Bear

A boy who kills a bear is punished by the spirits and turned into a bear.

“Omg that movie had me sobbing as a kid.”

“First movie that ever made me cry lol.”

12. Up

An older man ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the South American wilderness. But he soon discovers he has a stowaway, a little boy, aboard the balloon-powered house.

“Up makes adults cry. Kids have no problem with it.”

“Kids won’t get the opening sequence which is where the real gut punch is.”

“Well that made me cry as a 40 year old.”

13. Old Yeller

“The first one that I thought of, has been making people cry for 65 years.”

“Been making me cry for 53 yrs.”

14. The Lion King

Simba is tricked by his evil uncle into believing that Simba is responsible for his father’s death. He runs away in grief, and his uncle takes over the throne.

“I watched it recently for the first time in years and it made me even more sad now than it did when I was a kid.”

“I don’t think I can watch it again now that my dad is gone. Hits too close to home.”

“Apparently it is much sadder for parents than children. It’s one of the only movies Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’s cried in. ”

15. Charlotte’s Web

A pig named Wilbur is befriended by a spider who helps save his life by writing about him in her web.

“Made me cry as a child, hasn’t lost its power as an adult.”

“sorry, you said six year old. I thought you said father of 2 in his deep forties.”

“From personal experience, Charlotte’s Web. I’m 38 & I still can’t hear “There Must Be Something More” or “Mother Earth, Father Time” without exploding into sobs”

“I’m 44 and still ball my eyes out when Charlotte dies and then all her babies fly away.”

16. E.T.

E.T. is about a young boy who befriends an extraterrestrial who is left behind on Earth.

“Made a 40 year old man cry…and my friend will never let me forget it!!”

“If you really want to sob, just endless loop the scene in E.T. when Elliot finds him all cold and pale In the water.”

17. Marley and Me

Another popular movie that received several mentions as a tear-jerker for adults and children alike, Marley and Me, is about a family that learns important life lessons from their dog.

18. The Good Dinosaur

The movie shows an alternate history where dinosaurs still exist. A young dinosaur befriends a young boy while traveling through a dangerous and mysterious area while trying to find their way back home. The Good Dinosaur was another movie that received several mentions as sad and tear-inducing.

19. Finding Dory

The story focuses on the fish with bad memory from Finding Nemo and her journey to try to reunite with her parents.

“Even though I know it’s coming, I cry during the same scene every time!”

20. The Fox and the Hound

A fox and hound vow to be best friends forever, but their friendship is tested when the hound is trained to become a hunting dog.

“I watched this recently to reminisce and I shed a couple tears. The book is sad too.”

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