Is Home Depot Dating the Way to Find Mr. Right?

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, TikTok says you need to head to Home Depot. The phrase “Home Depot Dating” has 3.6 billion views on the platform, indicating that it’s a trend women are willing to jump on. But looking for Mr. Right at Home Depot isn’t a new phenomenon. Some say you can thank @meganlouis217 for the tip in a video she made in 2021 that received thousands of views. “I found at least three husbands. I mean, they had wives, but don’t let that stop you,” she joked in her first video.

She made a follow-up video in response to a woman who claimed she went to Home Depot twice a day for a week but had no luck finding a man. This time she was much more specific and explained that there’s actually a science to finding a man at home depot. “You can’t just go casually on a Tuesday afternoon. A good man works during the day.” Megan Louis says that for those interested in attracting a man who works in construction, you would have to get to Home Depot when it opens at 5am. She advises that the men there rush to grab something they need before heading to work and may not even have had their morning coffee. So have your number ready on a piece of paper and hand it to anyone who looks like a potential partner.

@meganlouise217 says that married men typically go on Saturdays and are often with their wives. She says the best time to go is Friday nights. “A man that goes to Home Depot on a Friday night has worked all day but still has enough motivation to do a weekend project.”


@meganlouise217 Reply to @tinabear313 how to get a man at Home Depot pt 2 kinda… like for a pt3 #homedepot #datingadvice #single #homeimprovement #fyp #fyi ♬ original sound – Megan Louise

One person commented “I think the only answer here is to get a cashier job at Home Depot.”

Some male TikTok’ers agreed with @meganlouise217.

“Me who goes almost every Friday after work….. I feel called out….”

“Coming from someone in the trades, she’s not wrong.”

A female follower chimed in to say “I used to work at Home Depot, and I can confirm this is accurate.”

Since she launched her videos, other TikTok users have documented their trips to Home Depot in search of a husband and shared their experiences. @latinkitty has amassed over 9 million views walking into Home Depot, recording several men and asking viewers to guess which one asked for her number.

Several women commented that they are willing to try their luck at Home Depot. “It looks like I’m going to Home Depot tomorrow.”

Another talked about her parents meeting there, but it hasn’t worked for her so far. “My parents met at Home Depot and got engaged at Home Depot. I went on one day with a guy from HD and it was the WORST date of my life.”

But it has worked for others “I found my husband at Home Depot.. we been together for 8 years.”

Several women joked that if they see their husbands in any of these videos at Home Depot, they won’t let them go anymore.

“Can’t send hubby to HD anymore.”

“Me, looking to see if I see my man there.” Another TikTok’er joked, “Imagine seeing him and then getting mad at him for being there.”

Although some women may have had some luck, several documented their journey and didn’t think meeting a man at Home Depot was in the cards for them. @k4yj4yk0nk1n says that finding men to date at Home Depot is a myth because the ones you find there are “domesticated men.” Men who have homes and families and are doing home improvement projects. She says, “single men are in their condos with their 90-inch tv, not at Home Depot. It’s lies,” she says.

A few men jumped in to help guide her.

“Go into the power tool section. Stay out of the garden section. That’s married men central.”

“Look for the guy that is helping the domesticated man. He’s bored and lonely and helping a friend until he meets you.”

Some men joked they aren’t at Home Depot because they are looking for single women at other stores.

“I’m at Target looking for a wife.”

“We are at Micheal’s looking for the single women.”

Even Jimmy Fallon got in on the action. He joked that finding love at Home Depot might be easier than finding an employee when you need help.

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