150+ Country Boy Names with Southern Charm

You don’t have to be a southern baby to have a country boy name. Some people like country boy names because they sound strong and a little badass. Others have southern roots or appreciate the culture known for its charm and hospitality. 

But don’t think these strong country boy names are old-fashioned or too traditional. Many on the list are still modern country boy names. Whether the moniker you choose is inspired by a country music artist or biblical boy names, we have a great list of boy names for you to choose from. 

There is some overlap between categories. For example, Gabriel is a biblical name, but it is also a very popular name. But it will only be mentioned once. Several names on the lists are also considered gender-neutral now, however, they are still mainly used for boys. Enjoy this list of country boy names and the meanings behind them. 

Popular Country Boy Names


Irish origin, meaning ‘little fire.’The name was inspired by an Irish mythological god, Aodh or Aed, meaning fire. There is also a city and province in Turkey named Aydin. Some also spell it Aidan. 


Scottish origin meaning ‘winding valley.’Camden is also a London, England district known for its open-air market. 


Irish, English, and Scottish origin and began as a surname to those in a particular occupation. Carter means ‘transporter of goods by cart or wagon.’


Welsh origin, meaning ‘son of the sea’ or ‘born from the ocean.’ In Welsh mythology, Dylan was a sea god who commanded all the waters in Britain and Ireland to weep when he died. 


Gabriel is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is my strength.’ Gabriel was an angel found in scriptures in the Christian and Muslim faith. 


British origin meaning “son of the grey-haired man.” It was originally a surname and is now used as a first name. Different spellings include Grayson and Gracen.


English origin, meaning ‘God is Gracious.’ It was originally the nickname for those who were named John. The name could also have been derived from the French name Jacques. Jackson is another popular name, and it simply means ‘son of Jack.’ 


Hebrew origin, meaning ‘supplementer.’ In English, the name is a variation of James and also means ‘son of James.’ 


English origin, meaning ‘long hill.’ Landon is another name that began as a surname and is now a popular first name. 


Latin origin, meaning ‘lion,’ but the name also has significance in other languages. The Romans gave the constellation the name Leo. 


Liam is of Irish origin, meaning ‘strong-willed warrior’ and ‘protector.’ The name is also a derivative of William. 


Mason was another occupational surname like Carter. Mason means ‘one who works with stone.’ 


Oliver is of Latin origin, meaning ‘olive tree planter’ or ‘olive branch bearer.’ Some believe the name has nothing to do with the olive tree and is of English origin meaning ‘ancestor’s descendant.’ 


The name Owen can be traced back to Medieval times. The name started as Owain ap Urien, which belonged to a Welsh prince. Owain means ‘noble’ or ‘young warrior.’ 


Peyton is of Irish and English origin, meaning ‘fighting man’s estate.’ This goes back to medieval times when warriors defended their castles. 

Badass Country Boy Names

These badass boy names sound like they are people that you do not want to mess with. 


Jett is of English origin, meaning ‘free or black stone,’ and also of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘excellence or abundance.’


English and Scandinavian origin. Brock was a surname in medieval England, meaning ‘badger,’ known to be a fearless creature. 


Brody can also be spelled like Brodie and can be short for Broderick. Brodie is the name of a castle in Scotland. Brody means ‘second son,’ and in Gaelic, the meaning is ‘muddy place’ or ‘ditch.’


English origin meaning ‘dragon’ or ‘snake.’ Rapper Drake ditched his first name Aubrey for Drake, so you know it’s badass. 


Latin origin meaning ‘leader.’ Duke is also a title given in royal families to males next in line to kings and princes. 


English origin meaning ‘one who hunts.’ Hunter was an English and Scottish surname for men who were hunters and bird catchers. 


Jax is of American origin, meaning ‘son of Jack.’ The name may be a derivative of Jackson. Some also say it’s an invented name and means ‘God is gracious.’ It may be a short form of the name Jaxon. 


English origin meaning ‘high or coastal land.’ In Celtic, Kent means ‘chief,’ and the Welsh and American meaning is ‘white.’ Of course, Kent is also the surname of a superhero in plain clothes, Clark Kent. 


Knox is an old Scottish surname meaning ’round-top hill.’ The name was originally ‘cnoc’ and was typically given to someone who lived near a round-top hill. 


Scottish origin meaning ‘hollow’ (comes from the Gaelic word ‘lagan’ or ‘lag’). Logan is also a name given to the character Wolverine after his memory is wiped out. See. Badass. 


Troy is of Irish origin, meaning ‘foot soldier.’ Troy, located in Turkey, was also the famous city where the legendary Trojan War occurred. 

Biblical Country Boy Names


Hebrew origin, meaning ‘breath.’ In the bible, Abel was a good man who was unfortunately slain by his brother Cain. Both were sons of Adam and Eve. 


Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is Yarweh’ or ‘God brings into existence.’ Elijah was a prophet who preached to people to stop doing evil and return to the Lord. 


Isaac means ‘one who laughs’ in Hebrew. Isaac was the only son of Sarah and Abraham. 


In Hebrew, Jacob means ‘to supplant,’ and it can also mean ‘heel.’ In the bible, Jacob is said to have held his twin brother’s heel when they were born. 


In Hebrew, John means ‘God is gracious’ and is one of the most common English names for males. The name is derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan. In Latin, the name is Iohannes. In the bible, John was one of Jesus’s disciples. 


Josiah was derived from the name Yoshiyahu in Hebrew, meaning ‘God supports.’ Josiah was a king who removed worship of gods other than Yahweh. 


In Hebrew, Levi means ‘joined in harmony.’ In the Old Testament Bible, Levi was the son of Jacob. 


Noah means ‘rest’ or ‘peace’ in Hebrew. Many are familiar with the story of Noah, who gathers pairs of animals onto an ark he built to survive a flood. Noah is currently one of the most popular names given to boys. 


Nathaniel means ‘given by God’ or ‘gift of God.’ Nathaniel was a disciple of Jesus. 


Samson is derived from the Hebrew word shemesh, meaning ‘sun’ or ‘sun child.’ Samson is known for having his strength in his hair. 


Latin origin meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest.’ Silas was one of the leaders in the Christian community in the bible.


Zack is derived from Zachary or Zachariah. Zachariah means ‘God remembers’ in Hebrew.

One Syllable Boy Names


British origin meaning ‘protector’ and ‘defender’ or ‘battle warrior.’ Chad may be derived from other names like Chadwick or Chadrick.


British origin meaning ‘good fortune.’ Chance was derived from the older English name Chauncey. 


Scandinavian origin meaning ‘God is my judge’ and also a person from Denmark. 


American origin and is the short form for the name Huckleberry which means ‘sweet berry.’ Huckleberry Finn is a famous character in a novel by Mark Twain. 


British, Irish, and German origin meaning ‘mind’ or ‘intellect.’ Hugh may have also been derived from the names Hughes (German) and Hugo (Latin). 


Hebrew origin meaning ‘flowing down.’ The name may be a derivative of Jordan and was previously a surname. 


Greek origin meaning ‘praised.’ The name is derived from Judas in the bible. The song Hey Jude also helped propel the name to popularity


Scottish origin meaning ‘from the wetlands.’ The name may also be of American origin, meaning ‘stout’ or ‘sturdy.’ It can also be a short form of the names Kaden or Kadence.


British origin meaning ‘pasture’ or ‘meadow.’ It’s also a common middle name. 


British origin meaning ‘by the ash tree’ or ‘dweller by the ash tree.’ Nash was originally a surname. 


Irish origin, meaning ‘wise,’ ‘sense,’ or ‘reason.’ Quinn comes from the Irish word Ceann or Conn, meaning ‘head’ or ‘chief.’ Quinn is another name that began as a surname and is now a popular first name. 


In Hebrew, Saul means ‘prayed for,’ or ‘demanded’ (Shaul). Saul is also a biblical name. Saul was the king of Israel. 


English and Scandinavian origin meaning ‘at the river crossing.’ 


English origin meaning ‘western meadow.’ Wes is the short form of the name Wesley. 


Zeke is the short form of the name Ezekiel in Hebrew, meaning ‘God will strengthen.’

Cute Country Boy Names


Irish origin meaning ‘brave’ and ‘salmon.’ It was originally a surname, mainly spelled without the letter’ y.’


Hebrew origin, meaning ‘wholehearted.’ Caleb is also a name in the bible. Some also spell the name as Kaleb. 


French origin meaning ‘huntsman.’ Chase used to be a surname and a nickname for hunters. 


English origin meaning ‘helpful.’ Cody was also an Irish and Gaelic surname. 


Greek origin, meaning ‘victory of the people.’ It is also of English origin, meaning ‘swarthy’ or ‘coal black.’ 


Irish origin, meaning ‘universal’ or ‘truth.’ The name also has Hebrew, English, and German roots. 


Welsh origin, meaning ‘the Lord is gracious.’ In Hebrew, Evan means ‘rock.’ Evan is also a short form of the Greek name Evangelos, meaning ‘good messenger,’ and Evander, meaning ‘good man.’ 


British origin meaning ‘son of Jack.’ The name may be the same as Jackson with a spelling change. Some also say it’s an invented name and means ‘God is gracious.’


Jed is the short form of the name Jedidiah which means ‘friend of God’ in Hebrew. 


Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God’s gift’ or ‘God exists.’ Jesse can be traced back to the Hebrew name Yishai. 


Irish origin, meaning ‘red king.’ It may also be a derivative of the name Roderick. 


Tyler is an occupational name of English origin, meaning ’tile maker.’ People who made tiles for a living were given the surname Tyler. 


English and French origin meaning ‘little guy.’ The original surname in English was Wyot, and Guyot in French. Guyot is derived from the name Guy, meaning ‘guide’ or ‘leader.’ 

Rustic Country Boy Names


British origin meaning ‘deer,’ ‘cowboy.’ Buck is the name of a male deer that can signify a strong leader. 


American origin, meaning ‘young horse.’


Native American origin, meaning ‘allies,’ or ‘friends’ in the Sioux language.


English origin meaning ‘green valley’ and French origin meaning ‘from Anvers’ from the surname Danvers. It’s also of American origin, meaning ‘the passage of the Danes.’


British origin meaning ‘dweller on the Eure river,’ but the French name is Devereaux. The Eure is in northwest France. Of course, Everest is also the name of the earth’s highest mountain, named after Sir George Everest, a Welsh geographer, and surveyor. 


English origin meaning ‘from the woods.’ 


English origin, named after the bird of prey. Hawks are sharp, strong, and powerful. This name should probably be in the ‘badass’ category.


Egyptian, Greek, and American origins meaning ‘enduring and beautiful.’ It is from the Egyptian name Mennefer.


Latin origin, meaning ‘mountain,’ and Spanish origin, meaning ‘mountainous.’ 


Greek origin meaning ‘purple-red.’ In Greek and Egyptian mythology, the phoenix is the bird that rises from the ashes. 


British origin, meaning ‘flowing body of water’ or ‘stream of water that flows to the sea.’ 



French origin meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome.’ 


Hebrew origin meaning ‘son of my right hand.’ 


English and German origin meaning ‘will’ or ‘desire.’ Billy is a nickname for William from the German name Willahelm. Willahelm means ‘helmet’ or ‘protector.’


British origin meaning ‘hill’ or ‘mount.’ 


French origin meaning ‘little bald one,’ coming from the word ‘chauve.’ 


Scottish and Irish origins meaning ‘son of the marsh-dwellers.’ 


Cliff is the short form of the name Clifford or Clifton. English origin meaning a ‘cliff-side slope.’


Scottish origin meaning ‘warm’ or ‘friendly.’ The name is also Greek, meaning ‘the keeper of the keys.’


Irish Gaelic originates from Conchobhar, meaning ‘lover of hounds or wolves.’ The name can also be taken to mean ‘hunter.’


Cooper is another occupational surname of English origin, meaning ‘barrel maker.’ They were people who used to make barrels, vats, buckets, and other containers, which were considered a craft. 


Irish origin, meaning ‘hollow’ or ‘dweller in or near a hollow.’ Corey may have been derived from the Gaelic surname Coire or Cobra (a spear).


has French and British origins and means polite or courteous

Damien (Damian)

Damien is of Greek origin, meaning ‘to tame or subdue.’ The name is derived from the name Damianos. Damien has also been linked to the Greek goddess of fertility, Damia or Demeter. 


Greek and English origin meaning ‘messenger or servant.’ It was also an occupational surname for a Christian clergy.


Greek origin, meaning ‘home ruler.’ It may have been a diminutive of the names Harry and Henry and the Dutch name Henk.


French origin from the medieval weapon the lance or spear. It could also be derived from the German name Lanzo. Lance also has English and American origin, meaning ‘God-like and ‘servant.’


Short for the Latin name Lucas, meaning ‘light-giving.’ It is also derived from the Greek name Loukas and the Italian name Luciana which was the name of a district in ancient Italy. 


Latin origin, meaning ‘to speak.’ It may also be derived from the Dutch surname Raedt meaning ‘advisor,’ and a variant of the name Rhys. Many recognize the name from the character Rhett Butler in the famous movie Gone with the Wind.


French origin meaning ‘little red’ or ‘red-haired.’ Russell was a surname that has now become a popular first name. It was once a nickname for a red-headed person, what ‘ginger’ is today.  


English origin and once an occupational surname for a ‘woodcutter.’ Today it is a popular gender-neutral name.


French origin, from the word traverser meaning ‘to cross.’ It’s another occupational name given to men who collected tolls from people crossing a bridge. 


British origin and previously a surname that means ‘the flooder.’ The name is associated with the River Trent in Britain and is the short form of the name Trenton.


Latin origin meaning ‘to conquer’ from the word vincere. It’s also a diminutive of the name Vincent.

Cool Names


Latin origin, related to the name Augustine which means ‘great’ or ‘magnificent.’ It was also previously used as a surname. 


British origin meaning ‘meadow with coarse grass.’ It started as a surname and is now associated with the brand of a high-end English auto manufacturer. 


British origin, meaning ‘black’ or ‘dark,’ but it also has a contradictory meaning in some areas meaning pale hair or skin. Also spelled Blayke.


Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘to live’ or ‘dwell.’ In Chinese Mandarin, Bo also means ‘waves.’ 


Celtic origin, meaning ‘swift’ and Scottish origin, meaning “speckled.’ Brice is also spelled Bryce. 


Latin origin meaning ‘money case.’ Cash was an occupational surname for a box maker, derived from the word ‘caisse.’ 


English origin meaning ‘coal town’ or from the ‘dark village.’ 


British origin meaning ‘from the coal or dark town.” 


Scottish origin meaning ‘from the dales,’ or ‘the valley meadows.’ It’s also of Irish origin, meaning ‘skilled.’ 


English origin meaning ‘son of David.’ In Hebrew, Dawson means ‘beloved.’


Scottish origin and a variation of the name Gawain meaning ‘God send’ or ‘white hawk.’ 


Welsh origin meaning ‘lord’ or ‘prince.’ It’s also of English origin, meaning ‘fierce’ or ‘dangerous person.’ Griffin is the name of a mythological creature that is half eagle and half lion, 


English origin meaning ‘woodland.’ 


Scottish, Irish, and English origin meaning ‘from Hugh’s town’ or settlement on the hill.’


Hebrew origin, meaning ‘he descends.’ Jared is a biblical name and was the father of Enoch and lived for over 900 years. 


Gaelic origin, meaning ‘helmeted chief.’ It was originally a surname and first belonged to a king of Ireland. 


British origin, meaning ‘king’s town’ or ‘from the king’s town.’


Welsh, Irish, and English origin, meaning ‘son of Piers.’ It also has roots in Greek and Latin, meaning ‘rock.’ 


British origin meaning ‘boxer’ or ‘fighter .’The name also could mean ‘Stephen’s son.’ Stetson is often associated with cowboy culture and is a brand for a manufacturer of cowboy hats.


Native American origin, specifically Cherokee, for a village located in Tannasee (also spelled Tennessee). Tennessee means bend in the river. 


Old English origin meaning ‘tailor.’ Tucker was an occupational surname for a cloth softener. Their job was to beat the cloth and trample on it in water. 


British origin meaning ‘from the western town.’ It used to be more commonly known as a surname. 

Unique Names


Latin and British origin meaning ‘bowman.’ It was originally an occupational surname for a person who does archery.


German origin meaning ‘bear strength’ or ‘mighty as a bear.’ Some also say it was a surname given to someone who liked to argue. 


Originally an English surname meaning ‘dweller by the brook.’ Some also say it means ‘beehive’ or ‘bee cottage.’


Latin origin meaning ‘fire’ or ‘flame.’ It can also be a form of the French word ‘blaise.’


German and British origin meaning ‘sword,’ ‘fiery torch,’ or ‘firebrand.’


German origin, meaning the color ‘brown.’ It is also a popular surname. 


English origin meaning ‘from the fortress.’ It was originally a surname. 


English origin meaning ‘clergyman.’ It could also be a form of the name Cain which means ‘wolf cub.’


English origin meaning ‘fortress’ or ‘camp.’ Chet is often a short form or nickname for Chester.


British origin meaning ‘cliff’ or ‘slope.’ Clive was a surname for people who lived near a steep riverbank.


British origin meaning ‘crow’ and comes from the word corb. It can also mean raven and is an excellent name for babies born with dark hair.


French origin meaning ‘leader.’ It’s also the name of a town in southwestern France.


English origin meaning ‘Dudda’s village.’ It also means an inhabitant of one of two villages in Cheshire and Lancashire.


Irish origin meaning ‘spear strength.’ Also of Norse origin, meaning ‘defender.’


British origin meaning ‘keeper of the garden.’ It also has Norse and Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘groundskeeper’ or ‘enclosure.’ 


German origin, meaning ‘companion’ or ‘cousin’ from the word gateling. It is also of English origin, meaning ‘wandering man.’


In old English, Hartford was originally a surname and means ‘deer crossing.’ There is a town in England called Hertfordshire where the name may have originated. 


Hutton is a habitational surname of English origin, meaning ‘settlement on the ridge.’


Latin origin meaning ‘son of Uaid’ and Irish origin meaning ‘descendent of Uad.’


Ryett may be a variation of the name Rhett which means ‘advice’ from English and Dutch origin.


American origin, meaning a ‘gray-green rock.’ 


Trevor is a habitational last name of Welsh origin, meaning ‘large settlement.’ It’s also of English origin, meaning ‘from the big village.’ 

Southern Middle Names


Clayton is a habitational surname of English origin, meaning ‘of the clay settlement.’


English origin meaning ‘son of Dick or Richard.’ 


Irish origin meaning ‘son of the red-haired one.’ 


Ford is a habitational surname of English origin meaning ‘river crossing’ or ‘dweller at the ford.’


French origin meaning ‘pledge’ or ‘oath.’ The name also has English origins meaning ‘measurer.’


English origin meaning ‘son of Gilbert.’ Gibson is traditionally a surname but has since become more popular as a first name. 


French origin meaning ‘tall’ or ‘large.’ It is derived from the French word ‘grand.’ It was also traditionally a surname. 


British origin meaning ‘hedged area.’ It is a common surname in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Some also say it’s a habitational surname for one who lives by a ‘forest or brush.’


Irish origin meaning ‘youth’ or ‘descendent of the young warrior.’ 


French origin meaning ‘the king.’ Originally a surname, it is derived from the French word ‘le roi.’


Scottish, English, and French origin, meaning ‘someone who lives on an island.’ It was a habitational surname of someone from an island and was derived from the French word L’isle. 


English origin meaning ‘horseman’ or knight mounted warrior’ and was used as an occupational surname. 


English origin meaning ‘leather maker’ and was traditionally an occupational surname. 

If you’re looking for a baby boy name with some Southern charm, we hope the perfect name was on this list. 

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