woman holding a cup of tea

From Adding Spices to Yak Butter People Around the World Love Their Tea

Tea is a beloved beverage worldwide that brings comfort to many. Even though tea may have the same effect on people, it can take on various exciting forms in different countries, reflecting cultural nuances and tastes. The following are some ways tea is taken from a few different countries. 

vintage housewife holding a pan and rolling pin

Popular Family Meals in the 1970s

The 1970s were a time of progress and change for women. Many left their traditional housewife role to enter the workforce in record numbers thanks to increased opportunities in various professions and industries. With women spending less time in the kitchen, they needed meals that would be quick and easy to make. Other changes include introducing convenience foods such as packaged meals like canned soups and t.v. dinners. Families also embraced variety and ethnic cuisine by experimenting with more diverse flavors and moving away from traditional meat and potatoes. The following are some of the most popular meals in the 1970s.

great white shark

Beware of these Shark Infested Waters Around the World

As beautiful and inviting as the majestic oceans can be, danger may lurk beneath the surface. There are hundreds of species of sharks, but only a few are fatal to humans. The sharks that usually attack humans include the great white, the oceanic whitetip, the tiger, and the bull shark. According to The International Shark Attack File (ISAF), in 2021, half of the victims of shark attacks (51%) were surfing or doing other water sports. 39% were swimming and 6% were body surfers. 4% were snorkelling or diving. The following is a list of some of the most notorious shark hotspots around the world between 2012 and 2021, discovering both the allure and the risks that come with navigating through these captivating waters.

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The Industries That Won’t Be Missed if They Disappear

Industries come and go, and some survive longer than others. However, there are some industries that seemingly nobody likes, ones that nobody will miss if they die out. Today, we have a list of 18 industries that nobody will miss if they die out.

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The Secret Tactics Companies Use to Screw Their Customers

The simple reality is that business is about one thing, and that is making a profit. This is why companies will find any way possible to scam their customers out of as much money as possible. The following is a list of things that companies secretly did to screw over their customers.

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Kids Shouldn’t Be Taught These Things in School

When someone on a forum asked “What shouldn’t be taught in schools?” people had plenty to say. The following is a list of things people thought it was time to stop teaching children either because it had no redeeming value, would serve them no purpose in life or was just plain wrong in this day and age. 

rice dish with beef on a plate

Flavorful Rice Recipes to Add Excitement to Your Meals

Rice, that humble and versatile pantry staple, has a special place in kitchens around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, rice dishes offer endless possibilities. From comforting classics to exotic creations, rice can be the canvas for a multitude of flavors and cuisines. The following is a list of rice recipes that are so flavorful and aromatic that you will never eat bland rice again.

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Affordable Christmas Gifts Ideas for Everyone in the Family

With prices soaring in every area of life, its hard to get all the items on a Christmas shopping list while staying within budget. But there are many creative gifts that are affordable and family members would love to unwrap. The following is a list of affordable Christmas gift ideas for all members of the family to enjoy. Some products were provided by the company for us to properly review and consider for this guide. 

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Make More Money and Work Less With These Jobs

The dream life for anyone is to work a job with low hours of output and a lot of money. Some people are living this dream already. Some jobs require a specific skill set or level of education while other don’t. But it’s clear that a person earning large sums of money for part-time work has a skill that is highly attractive to employers. One reader commented “Employers pay a lot of money for a short-term engagement or lesser hours because of the high value that person is bringing.” Below is a listicle of the jobs they do that earns them six figures for an average of 10-30 hours per week.

zucchini bread on a cutting board with 2 zucchinis and walnut.

Sweet and Savory Loaf Recipes that Won’t Disappoint

What can be better than the aroma of a freshly baked loaf? Whether you’re someone who loves the comforting sweetness of freshly baked bread or you’re into the savory taste of herbs and spices, all the recipes on this list are super delicious and easy to make. The following is a list of both sweet and savory loaf recipes.

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The Worst Boomer Advice Millennials Have Ever Received

Millennials were asked on an online forum what was the worst advice they had ever received from a person in the boomer generation. In many cases, their parents share their experiences when they were younger without understanding that the same things don’t apply to life today. Here is some boomer advice millennials say won’t work for them now.

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Melt-in-Your-Mouth Healthier Homemade Donuts

Welcome to the delightful world of donuts, where golden rings of fried dough meet a universe of flavors and toppings! But these smart, innovative donuts are barely fried so they are half the fat but full of flavor. The following are a list of donut recipes of all varieties to bake at home fresh when the craving strikes.

James Corden

The Celebrities We Used to Love and Now We Can’t Stand

There are many celebrities that people used to admire who have now fallen from grace. From singers and actors to comedians and directors, many celebrities were liked and appreciated for their talents. But once word gets out about unsavory behavior, fans can lose respect for them very quickly. The following is a list of celebrities who readers on a forum said were the celebrities they loved and now can’t stand.

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15 Things that Will Be Gone Soon Because Millennials Refuse to Pay for Them

Life for millennials is much different than it was for the older generations, especially their financial circumstances. The cost of living is so high that millennials are left with little disposable income. Because of this, their consumer spending habits lean more towards practicality, value for money and healthy living. The following is a list of things that are disappearing because millennials refuse to waste their money on them.