The Most Unlikable Actors that Hollywood Doesn’t Want to Work With Anymore

They may try to convince people it’s method acting. But others say that’s just them trying to get away with being a jerk. Here is a list of unlikable actors called out for being difficult on set and with other actors or extras. 

 1. Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase, the comedian, and actor, has a reputation for being difficult to work with. Over the years, there have been numerous reports of his bad behavior on set, including verbal abuse of cast and crew members and a general lack of professionalism. Some have even called him “unbearable” to work with. Despite this reputation, Chase has had a successful career in Hollywood and is still considered a comedy icon by many. However, his behavior has caused some to question whether his talent is worth the trouble.

“Chevy Chase is pretty notorious for being insufferable.”

“I love all of the vacation movies too (and the Three Amigos!) I actually think he’s hilarious but there are just too many awful stories about his crappy behavior.”

2. Jared Leto

Jared Leto

Reports have surfaced of his method acting approach, which includes staying in character even when the cameras aren’t rolling, making him challenging to communicate with on set. In addition, he has been known to engage in extreme behavior to prepare for roles, such as sending dead rats to his co-stars while filming “Suicide Squad.”

Jared Leto is an Academy Award-winning actor and musician. 

“He was insufferable on the set of Suicide Squad and the cast hated him.”

3. James Franco

James Franco

Reports have surfaced about James Franco, the actor and filmmaker, of his diva-like behavior on set, including making last-minute changes to scripts and demanding special treatment from crew members. In addition, he has been accused of inappropriate behavior towards female colleagues, which has led to him being blacklisted in Hollywood. While Franco has denied these allegations, they have still impacted his career and reputation in the industry. 

“I worked on a film set for a movie James Franco was producing, directing, and staring in back in 2012 and he was creepy and off-putting the entire time .”

4. Lea Michele

Lea Michele

Several co-stars from Lea Michele’s time on the hit show “Glee” have spoken out about her diva-like behavior on set, including making unreasonable demands and creating a toxic work environment. Michele has apologized for her behavior and acknowledged the impact it had on others, but the damage to her reputation had already been done. Since the allegations surfaced, she has faced criticism and lost several endorsement deals.

5. Edward Norton

Edward Norton

Reports have surfaced of Edward Norton’s perfectionist tendencies, which have led to clashes with directors and other cast members on set. In addition, he has been known to take on too much control over a film’s production, leading to creative differences and delays in filming.

“Very intense, often tries to take control of the creative direction of the work.”

“Heard and read Edward Norton was a pain in the butt to work with, especially through the Italian Job and with that studio.”

6. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is known for being critical of scripts and storylines. She has spoken out publicly against her own projects, causing tension with directors and other cast members. Despite her successful career in Hollywood, Heigl’s reputation as a difficult collaborator has impacted her opportunities in the industry. 

“She definitely shouldn’t have spoken out the way she did but to be honest the Greys Anatomy set was super toxic.”

“Poor her, but the way she phrases things is really rough. Even with great intentions.”

“She bit the hand that fed her too many times.”

7.Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum

“She’s known for being insufferable.”

“Even Debbie on the show Shameless (played by Emma Kenney) said things got better when she left.”

“Just watch some of the interviews she gave when Phantom of the Opera came out. She was like 19 and came across as condescending.”

8. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Actress Charlize Theron, after working with Tom Hardy on the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, said she felt threatened by Hardy to the point where she needed protection from him. He admitted in an interview with Esquire Magazine that he can be difficult to work with. 

“My friend worked as a PA on a film that Tom Hardy did a few years ago, and I was sad to hear that he’s a bit of a creep and a jerk.”

“On Max Mad Fury Road he was a terror.”

9. Jim Caviezel

Jim Caveizel

Jim Caviezel is a talented actor known for his work in films like “The Passion of the Christ” and the TV show “Person of Interest,” but he has also been rumored to be difficult to work with at times. There have been reports of him clashing with directors and fellow cast members over creative differences and his strong opinions on set.

“I was reading about this the other day! He pointed guns at cast and crew members so much that they had to use a body double for all of his action scenes for the last few seasons.”

“QAnonAnonymous (a critical podcast about conspiracy theories) did an episode on Jim because he’s deep into Q now. Taraji P Henson did allude to the set being difficult a few years ago, but she didn’t name Jim or the show specifically.”

10. Christian Bale

Christian Bale

Christian Bale has been known to become very intense and focused on set, sometimes to the point of alienating his co-stars and crew members. There have been reports of him clashing with directors over creative differences and making specific demands on set that can be challenging for others to meet.

“Oh man, there are recordings of him straight up screaming on set at the crew, actors, etc. He is SUPER controlling and temperamental.”

source: reddit 

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