25 Super Useful TikTok Cleaning Hacks

TikTok is highly addictive, majorly entertaining but also really informative! Yes, its also a big time suck! But I did y’all a favor and picked out what I thought were some of the best TikTok cleaning hacks that you can start trying today!

If you are anything like me and hate cleaning, these hacks will help you get things done quicker and easier! I am especially not a fan of cleaning showers and dusting, so I really appreciated the great tips I got from these videos.

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TikTok Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning Hacks for the Shower

A TikTok cleaning hack uses Rainex to clean glass shower doors.

Wow, this is a great hack by @vanesamaro91! Spraying Rainx on your glass shower doors to keep them sparkling and streak free is amazing! Just a quick squeegee after subsequent showers and they should be good to go.

A TikTok cleaning hack cleans hard water stains off a shower faucet

Do you have problems with getting hard water stains off of the faucets? This method by @sharonscleaningva of using steel wool soaked in water and Dawn dish soap will make cleaning a breeze. Just make sure the steel wool is wet.

A TikTok cleaning hack uses toilet bowl cleaner to clean shower tile

I had no idea toilet bowl cleaner could be used to clean other areas too! According to @lindsaydollinger, just spread this on the shower tile and you will easily get that hard water buildup off.

Cleaning Hacks for Toilets

A TikTok cleaning hack dries the toilet brush before putting it in the holder

Ever find the bottom of the toilet brush holder looking absolutely disgusting the next time you go to use it? @cleanthatup shows a simple method to dry the brush. By drying the brush out first, you can help prevent that nasty buildup at the bottom of the toilet brush holder.

a TikTok cleaning hack puts laundry detergent in the toilet bowl tank

@afreshproject shows such a simple and easy hack! Just add some laundry detergent to the toilet tank and not only are you cleaning the toilet every time you flush, but also you are releasing a nice fragrance like a built in air freshener.

TikTok Hacks for Cleaning the Sink

A TikTok cleaning hack cleans around the sink tap

Do you have limescale and other buildup around the faucet on the bathroom sink? @carolina.mccauley says to just soak a cloth in vinegar, wrap it around the area and watch the magic happen.

TikTok Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Oven Cleaning Hacks

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean stainless steel with baby oil

Want to get your stainless steel appliances shiny and finger print free? @lindsaykesleralbrecht says to use baby oil to get your appliances sparking for longer.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean the sides of the oven

Tired of seeing crumbs and other gunk stuck between the counter and the oven on either side? @skylar_toth says to just wrap a butter knife in a cloth and run it on both sides to catch those crumbs.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean stove top grills

Trying to get the stove top grates looking black and shiny again? Try this cleaning method by @vanesamaro91 of soaking them in boiling water, Dawn dish soap and a couple of dishwasher pods. Spray your grates with a degreaser like a Dawn spray and watch the grease just lift off into the water.

TikTok Hacks for Cleaning Pans

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean a pan with a lemon

If you have hard to scrub food stuck at the bottom of your pan, @lynsey_queenofclean says to try giving it a good rub with a half of a lemon and watch the food lift right off.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean a cast iron pan

A common question is how to clean a cast iron pan properly. @skylar_toth says to just scrub with hot water, then course salt and dry. Finish off with a squirt of oil to keep the pan seasoned.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to get glasses sparkling in the dishwasher

Ever pull out streaky glasses that still look dirty? @lindseyjrodriguez says to try putting lemons in the dishwasher and watch them come out shiny and clean.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to sanitize your sponge

As crazy as it sounds, your dish sponge could be carrying the most germs in your house! @mamasknowbest says to try this microwave method to sanitize your dish sponge.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to make your own bottle cleaner

Having a hard time getting to the bottom of those water bottles and narrow containers? @worker007 says to try this hack to get them clean inside and out.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to collect the dust from the top of kitchen cabinets

Do you have that space between the kitchen cupboards and the ceiling that just collects dust? @mamasknowbest says to try layering it with paper towels and replacing them when necessary.

TikTok Hacks for Cleaning Floors

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean floors while mopping

@that_cleaningguy says to put on a pair of clean shoes or slippers and keep a scrubbing sponge under your foot. Easily scrub any caked on dirt with your foot and scrubbing sponge while mopping away.

Cleaning Hacks for Grout

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean grout using toilet bowl cleaner

Yet another great use of toilet bowl cleaner! @jschims says to try cleaning the grout with it and watch the dirt lift off with ease.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to sweep without a dustpan

Need to do a quick sweep and don’t want to bother with a dustpan? @worker007 says to grab a piece of tape and sweep away! Not only will it attract all the dirt, but also you can throw it into the garbage and keep your broom cleaner without all the dirt getting stuck in the bristles.

TikTok Hacks for Laundry

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to get laundry white

Get your whites sparkling by adding Dawn dish soap. @gillaleighhome.designs first squirts about a tablespoon on a clean rag or small towel and then puts the cloth in the wash with all the whites.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean your dryer moisture sensors

Are your clothes not drying properly? Maybe its time to clean your moisture sensors! Ok, I had no idea this was something we needed to do. @neat.caroline shows where the sensors are located and cleans them with a clean rag and some vinegar.

Other Random Cleaning Hacks

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to dust baseboards with dryer sheets

Dust builds up on baseboards pretty quickly. @momthatlovestoclean says to try sweeping a fabric softener sheet over the baseboards to not only collect the dust but also you won’t have to dust as often.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean blinds with dish sponges

Need a quicker and easier way to clean the blinds? Try this cleaning hack by @jillcomesclean using regular dish sponges and tongs.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to get streak free mirrors

Nothing bothers me more than cleaning a mirror with Windex over and over but not getting a streak-free shine. Try cleaning with a coffee filter instead and watch the streaks disappear like @later_kates shows us.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to catch all the dust from dusting a ceiling fan

Fan blades collect dust quickly. To give them a good clean without worrying about dust falling on to the bed or ground, @cleanthatup says to try dusting with a pillow case cover.

A TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean out garbage and recycling pails without getting the flies and maggots at the bottom

Have you cleaned out your garbage and recycling containers only to find flies and maggots collected at the bottom because of the moisture? @sisterpledgecleans says to try sprinkling some table salt on the bottom to keep the flies away.

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