Family Fun Night at Home Ideas

Thursday nights, like clockwork when the weekend is approaching, the kids ask about what kind of fun we have planned.  It’s a lot of pressure! I love that the kids look forward to family time.  So we try to make an effort to do something and plan a family fun night that everyone will enjoy.  But it can be a struggle to come up with different ideas at times!

So we rounded up a few different ideas to help families plan some food and fun as the weekend approaches!

1. Nachos night and a favorite board game

When I plan a family fun night, we love to treat ourselves to a fun dinner.  Nachos is often the way we go! Who wouldn’t want nachos for dinner? Our kids think mom and dad are the coolest ever for giving them chips for dinner and their excitement is priceless.

Typically we eat healthy balanced meals with lots of veggies. So as a mom who is a stickler on what her kids eat, it’s a big deal for me to let them eat their chips for dinner. LOL. However I still manage to load up on veggies and ground beef toppings to compensate for the not so healthy chips.

Along with the nachos, we usually play a board game to add to our family fun night.  One of our favorite board games is the mystery game called Clue.

I serve the nachos with salsa and sour cream for dipping but you can always drizzle on some hot nacho cheese over everything. We choose to dip as I find its less messy, especially around a board game.

You can find my nacho recipe here.

Family Fun Night at Home Ideas, Nachos
Family Fun Night at Home Ideas, board game

2.  Pizza night and a printable game

Confessions of Parenting

There is nothing better than pizza and game night!  Grab this easy pizza recipe and this fun printable game for a night of family fun and memory making!

Family Fun at Home Ideas, homemade pizza
Family Fun at Home Ideas Printable Game

3. Taco salad and a DIY craft

Sustain My Cooking Habit

Try this easy taco salad recipe and each member of the family can make their own DIY rope placemat

Family Fun at Home Ideas Tacos and DIY rope placemat

4. Minecraft cookie challenge

Natural Deets

Combine your family’s love of cookies with their love of video games and try this Minecraft cookie challenge!

Family Fun at Home Ideas Minecraft

5. Movie night with treats

Movie Nights at Home

Host a fun family movie night with a special theme, paired with treats and printable movie tickets!

Family Fun at Home Ideas Movie Tickets

6.  Create a watermelon fruit carriage and watch the movie Godmothered

Theresa Reviews

This activity goes together with a fun movie night watching Godmothered!

7. Make homemade caramel corn and make them into gift packs for family and friends

The Forked Spoon

This delicious homemade caramel corn is made with warming gingerbread spices and sweet butter caramel sauce. Enjoy this perfectly sweet and crunchy snack time favorite all holiday season and share your very own gingerbread caramel corn with family and friends for an easy, homemade edible gift.

Family Fun Night at Home Ideas, homemade popcorn
Family Fun Night at Home Ideas
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