Divorce Rates are High and this Generation Can’t Make it Til Death Do Us Part Anymore

Marriage, a cornerstone of societal structure, has witnessed shifting dynamics across generations. One pertinent aspect that has garnered attention is the increasing divorce rate among the Baby Boomer generation. One may wonder how a couple can be married for 20 years or longer, referred to as the 25-year itch, and then want to end the union.

Although Millennials are a larger population than boomers in the United States, Pew Research Center estimated that there were over 70 million boomers in 2019 which is why the divorce rate seems high. Other generations struggle with divorce as well, but an estimated 25% of divorces occurring among people over the age of 50. The following highlights some of the challenges other generations of have that affect relationships and the main drivers why boomers are divorcing at a higher rate. 

Silent Generation: A Stable Foundation

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The Silent Generation, born between 1928 and 1945, laid the foundation for post-World War II stability. Their divorce rates were relatively low, attributed to cultural values emphasizing commitment and social stigma against divorce. The prevailing societal norms of the time strongly encouraged staying together for the sake of family and societal expectations.

Baby Boomers: Breaking Traditions

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The Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) witnessed a shift in divorce rates as societal norms evolved. Economic prosperity and changing gender roles contributed to increased independence, impacting marriage dynamics. With the rise of the feminist movement, women started seeking more autonomy, contributing to a higher likelihood of divorce if traditional gender roles were not renegotiated within marriages.

Generation X: The Rise of Dual-Career Families

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Generation X (born 1965-1980) faced the challenges of dual-career families. Balancing work and family life became more complex, potentially impacting marital stability. The increased participation of women in the workforce brought new challenges related to division of household responsibilities and childcare, contributing to stress within marriages.

Millennials: Changing Priorities and Delayed Marriage

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Millennials (born 1981-1996) embraced delayed marriage and focused on personal development. Changing priorities and economic uncertainties contributed to altering relationship dynamics. Many millennials prioritize education and career development before settling down, which may lead to more mature but also more challenging marriages.

Generation Z: Navigating Modern Challenges

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As the youngest generation (born after 1996), Generation Z faces unique challenges such as increased technology use and evolving societal norms, potentially impacting relationship dynamics. Growing up in the digital age, Generation Z faces challenges related to social media, online relationships, and an unprecedented level of connectivity, which can influence their views on commitment and relationships.

Why Are Boomers Divorcing?

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It’s clear that every generation has its challenges when it comes to relationship. But are the main drivers that are causing Boomers to divorce?

Reduced Stigma

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Many couples traditionally stayed in unhappy marriages for the sake of the children and also because of the social stigma surrounding divorce. Many Boomers married the first person they dated or were intimate with and stayed together despite growing apart. But couples are realizing they don’t have to continue living in an unhappy relationship. 

Living Longer

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People are living longer thanks to advanced medical care and technology. People can live even twenty years or more after retirement, which is a long time for unhappy couples to continue living together. 

The Children are Independent

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Many parents are so focused on raising their children that they neglect their spouses. When faced with an empty nest, many feel disconnected from their partners. A busy family life acts as a distraction from the problems between partners until they can no longer be masked. 

Women Have Careers and Money

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Many women in the Boomer generation were able to achieve financial independence as they began entering the workforce. Having their own income gave them the freedom to choose a different path in life from their spouses as they no longer relied on them.


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Regardless of how long people have been together, it’s difficult to get past infidelity. People can cheat at all ages in life and once a spouse has been hurt beyond repair, they will opt for a divorce. 


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Some people become so used to mistreatment by their spouses that they don’t realize they are being abused and have a choice to leave the relationship. It often takes time and possibly intervention from family, friends or therapists to encourage abused people to leave a relationship and start a new life. 


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Similar to having an empty nest, when married couples suddenly stop working full-time and start spending more time together, some realize that they are no longer compatible. Annoying habits can no longer be ignored and personality conflicts become more apparent. 

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