Over 25k Burger Lovers Responded to What Instantly Ruins a Burger for Them. Is Your Burger Killer on the List?

People have different preferences, especially when it comes to food. So when the reddit community was asked to share what instantly ruins a burger for them, they didn’t hold back. Many passionate burger lovers expressed their burger turn-offs. Here is a list of just a few things readers said would ruin their burger experience.

1. Bad Tomatoes

For many, a bad tomato can make or break a burger. Not only can a bad tomato ruin the taste, it can also add to the sogginess of the bun. 

“Nothing kills a burger faster than a bad tomato.”

“Ohhhhh THIS is my camp. I will only eat tomato on a burger if it’s red and in season. Miss me with that sad, pink, ethylene gassed bs.”

“My life has been ruined since I had one burger with an amazing tomato and realized I’d never have it this good again. And I haven’t.”

2. Poor Construction

Nobody enjoys eating a burger that’s falling apart in your hands. Many feel its important for the burger patty to remain in its position. 

“When it (the patty) flies out the other end. Stick everything together with a blob of sauce.”

“When the patty slips out the other side.”

“If I can’t bite it without the entire thing losing structural integrity.”

One reader pointed out the burgers such as the Big Mac have a middle bun for this exact purpose, to offer stability. “A sufficiently large burger is too messy without it,” they said.

One reader suggested placing “lettuce on the bottom protects the bun from any grease and holds the integrity of bun longer.”

Another reader offered a tip: “I asked for a couple toothpicks, one in each half keeps it together while eating.”

3. Too Much Sauce

Many people enjoy having additional flavors added to their burger, but its a fine balance. Too much sauce or condiments can affect the taste and integrity of the burger. 

“Too much sauce can make the bun disintegrate and it becomes a soggy mess.”

“Too much sauce is a pain but I find it causes a sloppy burger rather than soggy bread.”

3. Soggy Buns

Soggy buns seem to be a common turn-off for burger lovers. 

“Soggy bun when part of it sticks to the back of your tongue.”

There is some debate about what is causing the sogginess. Is it the sauce? Is it the lettuce? It was a hotly debated subject, but some readers offered some suggestions to help avoid soggy buns. 

“Mayonnaise works just as well, toast it and schmear mayo. Its oil based so it won’t let water sog up the bun.”

“I always ask for no lettuce. There is too much risk that it hasn’t been rinsed and contributes to soggy bread. It also acts as a bond breaker causing the meat to squeeze out the other side.”

“If it’s a mayo based sauce, it’s job is to protect the bun from the rest. Not sure where people are getting the sauce causing the sog.”

One reader suggested that this method is approved by Chef Alton Brown: “This. If Alton Brown is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”

4. An Untoasted Bun

Many felt that not properly toasting the bun can contribute to them going soggy. 

“Toasting the bun removes moisture, meaning the sauce just disintegrates the bun more efficiently. A thin barrier of an oil based condiment like mayo or butter is the way. Repels water and adds richness.”

“Untoasted buns I really hate on homemade burgers. They get wet and makes eating it horrible. Nothing is worst than eating soggy buns.”

5. Old Watery Lettuce

“One time I got a burger with terrible lettuce. It tasted like it came straight out of a lake. From then I avoid that place saying “they have lake lettuce.”

“They usually use iceberg which doesn’t have a lot of flavour — it’s about the texture. If there’s no crunch to it there’s no point. It makes it worse.”

6. Too Tall Burgers

Burgers that are too tall really make eating the burger an unpleasant experience.

“If I gotta unhinge my jaw like a snake to eat something, I’m not ordering it. It’s incredibly annoying and a lot of work. A burger should be a hand held food. If I need a knife and fork, what’s the point?”

“You find yourself sitting there, staring down this gargantuan burger. You can’t help but wonder who in the kitchen approved this monstrosity. Surely it’s nine, perhaps ten inches tall. No mere mortal could possibly fit this absurd abomination of beef, cheese, and vegetables in their mouth enough to take a well rounded bite. They even had to place a knife, skewered right through the center of the thing to keep it from toppling over, like humpty dumpty. They must have used an entire calf, and decimated an acre of farm land to provide the fillings for this beast.”

“Being too big to fit in your mouth. Pointless. Might as well just throw it all on a plate, and call it “deconstructed burger”

7. Too Much Onion

“I have to get the patty melt without onions because they always want to pile them on. I don’t mind the extra flavor but I don’t want an onion flavored burger either.”

“Raw Onion, especially raw red onion, overpowers any other flavor of a burger and ruins it for me. Grilled or caramelized onions on the other hand are amazing companions to a burger.”

8. Improper Egg Style and Placement

26k agreed that this would have ruined the burger for them:

“I once ordered a breakfast burger that was advertised as having, among other toppings, ‘egg.’ I imagine a nice fried egg or at least a scrambled egg patty of sorts. No, the monstrosity that came out had a quartered, hard-boiled egg on it. Just terrible – what self-respecting chef would serve that?” 

Many readers felt that an egg can be a delicious addition to a burger if done right. 

9. Giant Patties

“Giant patties suck. Multiple thin patties are the way to go if you want a meaty burger.”

“Also going 3 or more inches thick is just stupid and makes your hamburger way too big. But I love me a good, well seasoned, 1-2″ thick charred burger.” 

10. Patty Isn’t Wide Enough

Ideally, a patty should be almost the same size as the bun. Most readers disapproved of having patties that are more tall than wide. 

“A burger should be wide, not tall.”

“Once heard someone say, “if you’re gonna upsize your burger, make it wider, not taller” and I agree so much.” 

11. Unmelted Cheese

“Imagine taking your first bite and everything is warm and fresh, then your teeth hit an ice block.”

12. Tasteless Patty

When it only tastes like cheap ground meat without any salt or seasoning. Kills the buzz right there.”

13. Spring Mix Instead of Lettuce

“THIS. I used to do catering for a popular chain of “delis” that put spring mix on all of their sandwiches. That stuff is for salads; sandwiches and burgers deserve crisp lettuce.”

“Finally somebody said it.  Mixed greens don’t make it fancy.  It just makes the texture unpleasant.”

14. Oversized Buns

“The bun is too big and I feel like I’m eating bread.”

“Density as well. Like eating a patty between two slices of pound cake.”

15. Undercooked or Overcooked Patty

Nobody wants blood dripping from their patty, and nobody wants a crunchy burger that’s hard to pass down your throat. 

There were many disagreements over condiments. Ketchup, pickles, and brioche buns to name a few, were all controversial topics. 

How do you like your burger? Do you disagree with any of the dislikes mentioned?

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