15 Names That Have Surprising Dark Origins

Do you have a baby on the way and are trying to narrow down potential names? Or maybe you’ve wondered where your name stems from and what it means. Something that may surprise many people is that some of today’s names have dark origins. Although many of the names sound perfect for an adorable baby, the names on the list unfortunately don’t come from a place of joy.


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This is a name that has been around for a long time, and while it may not be as common today as it was in previous decades – there are plenty of Dolores’ walking around. The meaning of the name is sorrows or pain in Spanish. It comes from the Latin word “dolor.” It is also translated into the “Lady of Sorrows.”



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Do you know someone named Lyssa? Now here’s an even better question, does the Lyssa you know have a bit of temper? If so, that’s quite the coincidence since Lyssa is a Greek word that translates to “anger”, “fury”, or “rage”. Lyssa was also a Greek goddess who was known for her uncontrollable fits of anger and rage.


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While not as common as some other names, Hades has been used as a boys’ name. This one traces back to Greek mythology where Hades was the powerful Greek lord of the underworld. Not exactly the friendliest of gods. He is the god of the dead and is usually shown as having a very dark and sombre expression.


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Mallory sounds like a perfectly lovely name for a girl, it even sounds bright and cheerful. That goes against its origins which means ill-fated or cursed. Some translations cite it as “an unfortunate person”. While it’s quite common for females to have this name nowadays, it was originally a name given to males. It was meant to be a nickname for the word “malheure”, a French word that translates to misfortune.


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Rue is an older name that has been enjoying a bit of a comeback thanks to the hit TV series Euphoria. The main character, played by Zendaya, is named Rue. In the past couple of years, the name has been showing up on new and trending names for girls, even as a middle name. So while it may seem hip and current, it has deep origins. Rue is a medicinal herb that is very bitter, but its translation means “regret”.


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Fans of the popular Rocky series of movies will remember Adrienne as the main character’s loving and supportive wife, but the name has surprising dark roots. It is a Gothic name that translates to “dark lady from the sea”. It’s quite the foreboding picture.


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Mara is a perfectly lovely name for a girl and has been used in many different countries. It has Hebrew origins and its surprising translation means “bitter”. The name comes from the Old Testament and was used to describe a state of mind – a sense of despair, loss, grief, and bitterness felt by Naomi when both her sons and husband died.


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While not as dark as some of the other names on this list, Isolabella does mean “beautiful lonely one”. It is almost a sad picture in your mind when you hear that meaning. It’s a Gothic name and as you can likely guess, it is meant for females. This is a twist on the more commonly used names Isabelle or Isabella. They all sound very familiar coming out of the mouth.


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The boy’s name Barrett is more popular than you may think, with plenty of babies given this name yearly. It sounds like a powerful name, but its meaning is dark. It is an old English name and translates to “deceptive” or “quarrelsome”.


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Trista has English origins and has been a popular girl’s name for a long time. Looking into its meaning Trista translates to full of sorrow or noisy. It peaked in popularity during the mid-1980s and then declined until the mid-2000s when it had a brief resurgence. Nowadays it ranks rather low in terms of popularity.


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Perhaps you were one of the many who loved the game Zelda and went on to name your baby after the main character. Zelda isn’t just a cool name that video game developers came up with instead, it has German roots. It means “grey fighting maid” or “dark battle”. So while some may see it as dark, others may view it as powerful.


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This name can be used for boys and girls, and many love how powerful it sounds. It’s a great example of a name that can just as easily work as a first name as a last name. Tracing back the origins of Kennedy however, it means “ugly head”. It’s probably not the meaning you had imagined. As a first name, Kennedy was wildly popular in the US during the early to mid-1960s but then dropped after that point. As a girl’s name, it enjoyed a steadier incline before peaking in 2014.


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Perhaps one of the more popular names on this list is Claudia, a girl’s name that has been around since 1405. While it has been dropping in popularity for the past couple of decades, it’s still relatively common. Its Latin translation means “crippled” or “lame”. What makes it interesting, however, is that Claudius (the male form), was a well-known Roman family involved in politics. Because of that, it tends to carry a sense of prestige with it, even in the female form.


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You may be familiar with the name Morgan, but what about Morrigan? This is an older name with roots that date back to Irish Mythology. Morrigan was very much feared as she was the goddess of war and death, and the name means “demon queen”.


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This is a Welsh name and can be used for girls or boys. While it’s true that it means berries, it also has a darker meaning when you trace it back to its Celtic roots. It was used for the goddess and god of war and meant carnage, slaughter, and battle.

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