Mom-Care Spa Day in a Salt Cave

Who wouldn’t love a day at the spa? Well, on this particular day, I was definitely not expecting one. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner for the family while my husband was out grocery shopping.  Then I get a call from him.  Here we go I thought, now what? As I am rushing to cook dinner I hear him say “Call the babysitter, we have plans for tonight” What! I was expecting something more like, how many eggs did we need again? 

“Where are we going? I asked him.  But all I got was a vague response.  I was however told to bring a bathing suit and to not wear makeup.  Ok, anybody who knows me knows that I don’t do the no makeup thing anywhere.  Lol.  Well now I’m a little disturbed.  Doesn’t he know who he’s talking to?!

Luckily I was able to get the sitter to come on short notice. I packed my swimsuit and no makeup other than mascara, brow filler, a little concealer, and a tiny bit of blush.  Hey, its my ‘au naturel’ look! Who are we kidding, I’m not going out looking like a walking zombie.

So the husband gets home from the store and still won’t tell me where we are going. We leave the house and he takes me back to the grocery store.  Ok, what the hell! So he tells me he forgot to pick up one item from the store and we would quickly run in and grab.  Then we would go to our mysterious destination.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but at this point I was pretty annoyed. I get out of the car and head towards the grocery store entrance, but I look over at him and he is walking in the opposite direction…towards Quantum Float & Salt Cave.

I have gone to this grocery store plaza numerus times and have never noticed this place.  Let me tell you, its a hidden gem in London, Ontario.


Taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, and helping my husband care for his elderly parents, while working full- time as a manager in a demanding and high stress field; this was my life, constantly running full throttle.

As mothers we tend to put ourselves last on the never-ending to-do list. We sacrifice our sleep, meal times, personal hygiene (I hope I’m not the only one to have days where I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth or not!).  Unfortunately, at times it can start to affect our mental health and that’s what I was starting to feel.

My husband had actually noticed that I was slowly driving myself mad trying to juggle work and home life.  I was grateful that he took it upon himself to treat me to a day at the spa. It is definitely nice to feel appreciated.

The Quantum Float & Salt Cave Experience

So let me tell you how this all works, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of having this experience yet like I hadn’t!  When we went in, the owner of Quantum Float Salt Cave greeted us and gave us a tour. The atmosphere was so peaceful. I couldn’t wait to get started on my relaxation session.

We went to our own change rooms which were equipped with personal lockers and high end lotions that smelled heavenly. I got into my bathing suit and put on the luxurious bathrobe which the spa provides.

mom-care time, sitting in a spa facility and relaxing

The Salt Cave

Our first relaxation session started out in the salt cave for 45 minutes.  It was absolutely beautiful!  The salt cave really does look like a cave! It’s covered in salt from floor to ceiling. To be exact, the cave has 12 tons of the highest grade salt which was imported from Poland. The cave is kept cool but we were able to get cozy under a blanket by a fireplace. It was really nice and romantic until my husband fell asleep and started to snore. Maybe he needed this more than me. Lol.  Apparently salt therapy has many benefits to your lungs, sinuses, and skin. I felt relaxed and took in many deep breaths. I’m pretty confident that I ended up taking a power nap as well!

The Infrared Sauna

Our next relaxation session at the spa was the Infrared Sauna. Our session was for 45 minutes and it was amazing. Inside the sauna room, they leave complementary ice cold water and towels. It gets quite hot in there but not as hot as the traditional wet and dry saunas.  The infrared sauna temperatures are between 100 – 130 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to the traditional ones which go anywhere from 180-220 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat was soothing and I honestly felt like all my tight muscles were loosening up.

Next we were treated to a foot and hand detox treatment where we sat in comfortable seats and placed our hands and feet on top of salt blocks. This was a very interesting and unique experience as it felt like the salt was melting however it was actually extracting toxins from our body.  How cool is that!

mom- care time, sitting in a chair with hands and feet on salt blocks

The Sensory Deprivation Chamber

Afterwards we went into the Sensory Deprivation Chamber. This was something else let me tell you. I had never been in one of these before. It was absolutely amazing. At first I was hesitant to go in because I was worried I would feel too enclosed in that space. However, you are not in a little capsule. You are literally in your own little personalized pool, and it’s actually pretty big. So if you are worried you will feel claustrophobic, trust me, you won’t! The chamber is huge and the ceilings are high. 

I believe that the session was about 45 minutes long and by far one of my best experiences at a spa. As I laid floating in the salt water, I felt the weightlessness as if the weeks of stress just lifted off of me.  In the chamber, the ceiling lights up into a beautiful constellation of stars.  You can also have it completely dark if you prefer. It was so relaxing, floating with the stars above with your mind tuned out to the crazy world outside.

mom-care time inside of a sensory deprivation capsule

The Importance of Self-Care

This spa day left me feeling so relaxed and tranquil.  I was impressed how quickly I felt the benefits of all the salt treatments, especially in my lungs. I definitely felt refreshed and re-energized.

I guess instead of self-care day, it was husband-care day! I am fortunate to have a partner who recognized that I needed a break. But this day also made me realize that I do need these time outs to recharge and I need to recognize this myself as well instead of waiting for my husband or someone else to book time off for me!  I hope this post provides some inspo for you to take some time for yourself!

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