10 Inexpensive Products People Say Make Life Easier

Inexpensive purchases can sometimes make a big impact on people’s lives. It’s often the small things that can make a difference, such as a new kitchen gadget that makes cooking easier, a comfortable pillow that promotes better sleep, or a simple organizational tool that keeps a cluttered space tidy. These purchases don’t have to break the bank, and the benefits they bring can be significant. Here is a list of items that people said added a spark of joy to their lives. 

1. Bluetooth Transmitter

This device is handy for older cars that aren’t compatible with modern phones.

“A bluetooth transmitter for my car, so I can listen to the songs I want to.”

“Life saver for old cars with no aux/car play! I have one too.”

“Essentially, it’s a doohickey that plugs into the lighter plug and connects to your bluetooth-capable device (phone/tablet/console/etc) wirelessly, and then emits a localized FM radio signal that you tune into. This means that even if you have an older car that doesn’t have a bluetooth audio system you still can listen to spotify or to locally stored music files instead of listening to the radio. They usually even have hands free call support so that if someone calls you, you can just take the call normally.”

“All for $15!”

2. Blackout Curtains

A good night of sleep is a blessing. Keeping the room quiet and dark is the best way to try to achieve getting the best rest. 

“I have a bright street light outside my bedroom window. Those black-out curtains enable me to get a good night’s sleep.”

“I got black-out curtains for my room recently. Absolute game-changer. I can actually get up to pee and go back to sleep without sunlight blaring in my face, so I have enough energy to actually go outside and sit in the sunlight later.”

3. Shoe Horn for Boots

No, it’s not just a tool for seniors. Save your back and your finger with a shoe horn and thank your grandparents later. 

“I thought I would never use one, but as I got older, first all shoes because slip-on, then came the extra long shoe horn I use everyday.”

“Extra long is a low back saver. Big time!”

4. A Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Having a nice open space in the shower makes the experience more enjoyable. 

“Makes a huge difference if how big the shower feels.”

“As someone who is taller than 6 feet and has wide shoulders, this is a must. I hate the feeling of the shower curtain on my arms; makes me almost claustrophobic.”

“When I first got it, I didn’t think that it would make a big difference, but it felt like it added tons of width.”

5. Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Although a more common practice in eastern countries, the west is catching on to how great it can be to clean yourself with a bidet. 

“I purchased one, and now I am upset every time I have to wipe my own bottom in public, like some peasant. I prefer to blast myself clean.”

“100% never going back. It’s cleaner, saves on toilet paper, and I enjoy the feeling of having a sparkling butt. Only problem is the rest of the country isn’t on board yet, so traveling without one is kinda sucks.”

6. Coffee Maker with an Automatic Timer

Many people hold their coffee near and dear to their hearts and aren’t officially awake in the morning without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. 

“It seems small, but it’s so nice to come downstairs in the morning and your coffee is just waiting for you.”

“I used to have a roommate that would keep it on his nightstand and instead of using an alarm clock he’d wake up to the smell of coffee. I think about doing it sometimes, but I don’t think it’d be enough to wake me up.”

7. Electric Toothbrush

“Just bought my first one yesterday and wow! After one use I already felt a change in how clean my mouth feels afterward.”

8. Spotify and YouTube Premium

“I will never go back to listening to commercials.”

“I FINALLY got Spotify Premium about 2 weeks ago after just listening to music for free off Youtube for the last decade and holy smokes I’m sad I didn’t start using it sooner. Being able to listen to all the music I could ever want without being interrupted by ads is life changing.”

“On the same note, YouTube premium. I watch YouTube more than any other media so not only having no ads but being able to listen to stuff with my phone locked and knowing that the creators I watch get more money from me watching than someone who just watches ads is nice. The actual premium stuff is hit or miss, but if you get YouTube premium you get YouTube music too which is all I’ve ever really needed for ad-free music too.”

9. Air Fryer

People claim that this kitchen appliance has really helped them jazz up their meals and appreciate how quick and convenient it is to cook with. 

“I was surprised by how much you end up using it once it’s there. It also changed reheating barbecue chicken wings for me – crispy, but not dry.”

“And the other comment is right, it can be a mini oven if you figure out what you’re doing.” 

“A decent air fryer can replace your oven.”

“I bake gorgeous sun dried tomatoes and Mozzarella bread in 12 minutes in the air fryer.”

“I use mine almost every day. Definitely worth it.”

“I wish I had this I’m in college. I barely use my stove top or oven anymore bc this is so easy to heat up and clean.”

10. Electric Heating Pad or Blanket

“It’s great for when I’m cold, when I have cramps, sore muscles, stomach aches. By far my best purchase.”

“I bought a child’s electric under blanket some years ago and used it on the sofa. Rarely needed the heating on with this. It’s now attached to my armchair and covered by a nice chenille throw. It’s running costs are equivalent to an old style light bulb and it has saved me so much money on heating costs. The best bit is, because you are warmed from beneath/behind with your front in the ambient room air, you don’t get the brutal change of temperature as you do if you huddle under a blanket in a cool room.”

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source: Reddit.
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