These 15 Major Brands Making Kirkland Products May Surprise You

Costco is an incredibly popular place for people to shop thanks to its bulk-sized items, incredibly competitive pricing, and exclusive products. Among the many brands you can find in stores is Kirkland, Costco’s house brand. Kirkland products are typically good quality and priced below the leading brand name competitors. But did you know that Costco uses other big brands to make the Kirkland products? Here are 15 big brands behind Kirkland products.

Kimberly-Clark Diapers

Huggies Kimberly Clark
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The cost of diapers can add up quickly, so it’s wonderful for parents to use the Kirkland brand, which can save them a little money. What makes this an even better deal is how well these diapers perform, and there’s good reason for that. It’s been confirmed that the Kirkland Signature Diapers are made by Kimberly-Clark, which also makes Huggies.

Blommer Chocolate Company

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For those with a sweet tooth, you have probably purchased Kirkland-brand chocolate at least a few times. The Kirkland Milk Chocolate Almonds are simply delicious and come in a large container that can sustain your snacking habit for weeks. But rather than thank Kirkland for this tasty treat, Blommer Chocolate Company is responsible.

Jelly Belly Candy

Jelly Belly varieties
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Another popular snack for those with a sweet tooth is Kirkland jelly beans. If these taste strangely familiar, you may have tasted the same candies from Jelly Belly Candy, which produces the Kirkland-branded option.

Alexander Murray scotch

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If you’re looking for high-quality scotch but don’t want to spend a small fortune, Kirkland’s Signature Alcohol is perfect. Alexander Murray’s CEO and president have confirmed that they are responsible for the Kirkland Signature house blend of scotch, meaning you get high quality at a competitive price.


customer paying at Starbucks
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Do you consider yourself a bit of a coffee snob? Do you tend to stick to the big brands when buying beans and grinds? If so, you may be surprised to learn that the Kirkland Signature coffee is a custom-roast produced by Starbucks. That’s right, you can purchase Starbucks roasted coffee under the Kirkland banner for a much lower price. Also, it tends to go on sale often with promotions and coupons available.

Stearns & Foster mattress

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Are you in need of a new mattress but aren’t sure that Costco is the ideal place to get one? It’s time to look a little closer since the Kirkland Signature mattress is produced by Stearns & Foster. Be sure to look for the Kirkland Signature by Stearns & Foster, which is a combination of gel and memory foam for the ultimate support and comfort.

Bumble Bee Tuna

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Shoppers at Costco will often attest to how delicious, juicy, and fresh the Kirkland-branded canned tuna is. Well, it’s not Kirkland that produces it; rather, industry giant Bumble Bee Tuna does. Shoppers can purchase the Kirkland brand for about $0.10 less per ounce than the Bumble Bee Tuna-branded product. This can add up to a significant savings. 

Diamond Pet Foods

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Are you looking for a great deal on dog food but don’t want to sacrifice quality? That is often the reason shoppers choose Kirkland Signature Dog Food. This food comes in different varieties, including a puppy formula. Shoppers can also rest assured that the claims of it being high-quality food hold up since it is produced by Diamond Pet Foods. The Kirkland-branded version is more competitively priced on a per-pound basis.

Warren Motor Oil

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Brand loyalty can be powerful, and that’s exactly the case when it comes to Kirkland Full Synthetic motor oil. Kirkland isn’t the real manufacturer, Warren Oil Company is. This may be the exact motor oil you are loyal to, so why not save yourself a little money with the Kirkland-branded version?

Perrigo infant formula

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Parents want to give their babies the best formula available, so many prefer to stick with well-known brands. If you’ve been apprehensive about trying Kirkland’s Signature Infant Formula, learning the history might help. It was originally made by the same manufacturer that made Similac (Abbott Laboratories) but is now produced by Perrigo.

Bolthouse Farms carrot juice

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Over the past decade, there’s been a huge movement towards adopting a cleaner diet and choosing healthier food and drinks. Organic juice has become a great option. If you’ve ever purchased the Kirkland Organic Carrot Juice and marveled at its great taste, you have Bolthouse Farms to thank for its quality carrots.


Kirkland Batteries
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The Kirkland Signature batteries are famous for being sold in massive packs at a fabulous price. They are available in all sizes, making them a convenient option. And if you’re impressed with their lasting power, that’s because Duracell makes them.

Reynolds aluminum foil

Aluminum foil
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Aluminum foil is a kitchen staple, so why not save money when you can? Kirkland’s aluminum foil has an attractive price point and is made by industry giant Reynolds.

Chinet cups

Plastic cup
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Disposable plastic cups and dishes can sometimes make more sense for an event or outing. There’s no better place to stock up on these essentials than Costco, where you can purchase reasonably priced Kirkland plastic cups. The great news is that Chinet makes these, so you know you’re getting good-quality disposable dishes.

Niagara bottled water

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Another staple product that households tend to have on hand is bottled water. Kirkland Purified Water can be found at a very competitive price point and comes in a large-sized case. The bottled water is produced by Niagara Bottling, which is a family-owned business in the western United States.

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