3 Scary Podcasts for Crime Story Lovers

If I had to pick a type of movie to watch, it would definitely hands down be a thriller/horror movie.  I don’t know why since I scare very easily! With nothing new really coming out to watch, I found a new love in true crime and paranormal scary podcasts.

As is typical hectic mom life, I never truly have the time to curl up on the couch to watch anything anymore. With always having something on the go, even when the kids are asleep, I love being able to listen to these podcasts while I do my work. I find it’s a fun way to inject some me-time while working through my to-do list and immerse myself in the world being introduced in these podcasts!

So instead of sitting and watching the traditional Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream movies like I traditionally do, I’ve decided to stick to these podcasts. Just in time for Halloween, I thought I would share my top scary podcasts you should definitely check out.

And That’s Why We Drink

3 Scary Podcasts for Crime Story Lovers, And That's Why We Drink

This is a true crime and paranormal podcast. It’s the best of both worlds when you are looking for a good scare! Hosted by Christine Shceifer (Team Wine) and Em Schulz (Team Milkshake) who started out this podcast back in 2017 because they both had a mutual love for all things scary. Christine and Em are hilarious together and will definitely make you laugh out loud.  They love to poke fun at each other which sort of lightens the mood while they scare the pants off of you. This podcast is truly addictive, especially if you love a good true scary story.  If that’s the case, I guarantee you will want to binge listen to over 3 years of recording time in a matter of a few months. I am truly obsessed with this podcast even though it keeps me up at night!

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Radio Rental

3 Scary Podcasts for Crime Story Lovers, Radio Rental

Hosted by Tenderfood co-founder Payne Linsey. This is a somewhat scripted show that takes place in a fictional 90’s vibe video store which has a secret VHS collection of spooky stories. The only thing that’s fictional is the video store and the clerk who works there.  The stories are all real and narrated by the people who have experienced the events.  The sound effects are great and will make the story you are listening to sound all too real. This podcast is truly unique. They have this amazing ability to have these silly moments and yet it is jaw- dropping spooky.  

Shattered Souls

3 Scary Podcasts for Crime Story Lovers, Shattered Souls

Hosted by Karen Smith, a retired major case forensic investigator in Jacksonville Florida.  Karen retells cases that she covered in great depth in her career. It’s extremely interesting to get to hear the details of crimes from a forensic perspective which is something you don’t get to hear too often, especially in true crime podcasts. Listening to Karen’s personal stories shows you how much crime cases and victims have an impact on a police officer’s lives as she relives each story. You will feel like Karen just took you on a ride along and you happen to be dragged into a crime scene with her. It’s truly terrifying.

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