10 Things Kids Do Better Than Adults. Can We Learn From Them?

Ever feel like going back to your childhood to experience the days of carefree living? Being a kid is a sweet deal if you only had to struggle with vegetables and bedtime growing up. But can we learn some lessons from children and implement them as adults? 

Could thinking like a child have prevented world wars by giving all parties involved ice cream and slime to play with as a distraction?

Seriously, there are many things that children do better than adults. Some things on this list are just for fun, but consider things you can implement in your life today. Living in the moment and putting your problems aside for a little while, trying new things and adventures with the same enthusiasm as they have, and doing more of what makes you happy. 

1. Heal From Injuries

girl falling off of bike
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2. Happiness

a happy boy
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“Laugh their heart out”

“Staying happy and having fun”

3. Falling Asleep

sleeping girl
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4. Imagination

boy wearing a cape and pointing at the sky
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“I wish my imagination was as rich and free as it used to be.”

5. Learn Languages

teacher and girl learning together
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6. Never Pretending to Like Someone

kids sitting around a table at school
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7. Opening Childproof Containers

lid of a childproof container
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We may be joking about this, but next time you can’t open something, hand it to your child and see what happens. 


8. Not See Skin Color

two boys and two girls of different nationalities
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9. Living in the Moment

kids playing together
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10. Honest to a Fault

Sign saying "children and fools tell the truth"
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