15 Unconventional Uses of Pam Cooking Spray

Pam Cooking Spray is a household staple known for its ability to prevent food from sticking to cooking surfaces. While it’s widely used for greasing pans and grills, this versatile kitchen companion has numerous unconventional applications beyond its primary purpose. In this article, we’ll explore 15 unexpected and creative uses for Pam Cooking Spray that go beyond the kitchen.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

professional lawn mower
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Pam Cooking Spray can be used to lubricate the blades of your lawn mower, preventing grass and debris from sticking to them. This not only helps the mower run more smoothly but also extends the life of the blades.

Snow Shovel Enhancement

person shovelling the snow
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Spraying Pam on your snow shovel before use can prevent snow from sticking to the blade, making it easier to clear your driveway or walkway during the winter.

Bicycle Chain Lubricant

person fixing a bike chain
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Keep your bicycle chain running smoothly by applying a thin layer of Pam Cooking Spray. It works as a makeshift lubricant, reducing friction and preventing rust.

Garden Tool Preservation

pruners, a small shovel, garden gloves and other garden tools.
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Coat your garden tools with Pam to protect them from rust and make cleaning easier after use. This simple trick helps maintain the longevity of your tools.

Squeaky Door Fix

a door hinge
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If you have a squeaky hinge, Pam Cooking Spray can serve as a quick and effective lubricant. A few spritzes on the hinges will silence that annoying squeak.

Bug Remover for Vehicles

man cleaning front of his car, cleaning bugs off of his car
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Spray Pam on your vehicle’s grille and windshield before a long drive to make bug removal easier. The cooking spray helps break down the bugs’ proteins, making them simpler to wipe away.

Leather Shoe Shine

shiny brown leather shoes
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Polish your leather shoes with Pam Cooking Spray for a quick shine. It not only adds luster but also helps repel water, protecting your footwear.

Candle Wax Removal

two melted candles with melted wax on the candle holders and cloth or mat
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Got wax drips on your candle holders? Pam can be used to spray and coat them before lighting the candle, making it easier to remove any wax residue afterward.

Gardening Glove Aid

person wearing gardening gloves and pruning a bush
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Apply Pam on the palms of your gardening gloves for a better grip when handling tools or slippery surfaces in the garden.

Fishing Reel Maintenance

person holding a fishing rod
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Keep your fishing reel in top condition by spraying Pam on the moving parts. It reduces friction and helps prevent corrosion.

Grout Cleaner

person on the floor holding a cleaning brush and cleaning the grout on the floor
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Pam Cooking Spray can be used to clean and restore the shine to tile grout. Apply, let it sit, and then scrub away the grime.

DIY Fly Trap Coating

dead flies on a sticky piece of paper
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Create a DIY fly trap by coating a sticky surface with Pam Cooking Spray. The stickiness will be enhanced, attracting and trapping flies effectively.

Deterrent for Bird Feeders

bird feeders hanging from a tree
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Spray Pam on the pole or wire supporting your bird feeder to prevent squirrels from climbing up. The slippery surface will discourage them from reaching the feeder.

Chrome Appliance Polish

person wiping a stainless steel microwave with a microfibre cloth
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Shine up your kitchen appliances by spraying Pam on stainless steel or chrome surfaces. Wipe it down for a streak-free, polished finish.

Prevent Car Doors from Freezing Shut

car with door open, sitting in a lot of snow and snow piled on top of the car.
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Spraying the rubber gaskets prevents the with cooking oil allows it to seal out the water. This won’t harm the gasket and the door won’t freeze shut. 

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