Her Daughter Accidentally Ran into a Toddler While Playing on a Zip Line. The Toddler’s Mother Blamed Her Daughter So She Yelled at the Mom. Now Her Own Daughter is Calling Her a Karen. Was She Wrong?

The original poster (OP) is the mother of a 9-year-old girl. One day she took her daughter to the park after school. Her daughter’s favorite ride at the park was the zip line, so she immediately ran to it. When she started moving along the line, a little boy, around 2 years old, ran in front of her, and they collided. He was knocked over and started screaming. His mom ran over to pick him up. OP says her daughter started apologizing profusely, saying it was an accident and she didn’t see him. 

However, the mom scolded her daughter for not paying attention and said she could have seriously injured her child. OP’s daughter started crying, and OP felt the mom was being too aggressive, especially since she said her son could have been seriously injured when he didn’t have a scratch on him. So OP stepped in and told the mom not to yell at her daughter over a simple accident. 

The mom responded by calling OP lazy for not teaching her daughter to pay better attention and saying her daughter is too big to play on the playground anyway. This comment infuriated OP, and she lost her temper. She called the woman a b*tch for talking to a child that way over an accident. She said that the accident wouldn’t have happened if she had been watching her toddler more carefully. 

The toddler’s mom stormed off, and OP brought her daughter home. OP says her daughter cried the whole drive home and then went to her room. When OP went to talk to her daughter about what happened, her daughter said what the woman said was upsetting, but OP was worse because she embarrassed her by “being a Karen.” OP says she was shocked to hear that. She thought her daughter would be glad that she defended her. OP is reaching out to the online community to ask if she made a mistake and could have handled the situation better.

Many readers commented in support of OP.

“That lady is the one that should’ve been watching her 2-year-old and not letting him run across areas with those zip line rides. Once a kid starts going on those, you can’t just stop right away, and kids shouldn’t be running in front of them. Obviously, a 2-year-old wouldn’t know that, and she should’ve been watching him. She probably scolded your daughter because she was panicked since her kid got knocked over, but as the adult, she should’ve kept a calm head. If anyone was making my daughter cry over an accident, I’d call them a name too.” 

“I also have an active 2-year-old, so I keep him away from the zip line at the park. This is 100% on the toddler’s mother.”

“If she had yelled at my older son for her toddler not being supervised, she would have got a proper mouthful back from me.”

Some readers were also surprised that her daughter would call her a Karen after the incident and that she should teach her daughter that it’s ok to defend yourself.

“I greatly dislike how being called a Karen is such a deep insult. It’s meant to put women in their place and from acting out, and it’s frankly scary that a 9-year-old is learning that.”

“The OP needs to explain to her child that standing up for yourself (or your child) is not being a Karen. Sometimes we have to shout back for our own protection. Kids, especially girls, are getting this impression that you need to put up with crap otherwise, you are a Karen.”

“Btw you weren’t being a Karen, so maybe teach the kid what a real Karen is.”

Suddenly, the attention turned to her allowing her daughter to use social media, especially TikTok, which loves to showcase incidents of people being called “Karen.”

“Do you let your daughter use TikTok or similar because it’s incredibly bad that she sees you defending her as being a Karen.”

“YTA for giving your daughter unrestricted internet access at such a young age. Especially social media like TikTok.”

“The age limit on TikTok is 13 for a reason. Your daughter and her friends are too young to be on any social media outlet, which has long-lasting effects on their mental state. NTA for the situation above but YTA for letting her be on the wide open internet.”

What do you think? Was she wrong to defend her daughter? Was she justified in using a bad word, or could she have handled the situation better?

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