23 Things Millennials Say Will Die Out With the Boomer Generation

Things change with every generation. Innovative technologies are introduced and new trends appear. Younger generations look at what they think will become less popular or completely die out with the Boomer Generations.


1. Spam Calls

Are Boomers the only ones who answer and listen to spam calls? That might be up for debate, but some think that if less people answer these calls, they will be less profitable. 

“Hopefully it’ll become unprofitable to make spam calls once there aren’t enough people willing to answer random numbers.”


2. China Cabinets

“I’m Gen X and was strongly encouraged by family to put china on my wedding registry long ago. I resorted my china to make room for my liquor now that my son is of age. Now I have a China and Liquor Cabinet.The China never gets used. Can’t say the same for the liquor.”


3. Not Allowing Cashiers to Sit

Bank tellers and cashiers are jobs where people have to stand for their entire shift. The younger generation thinks that should change.

“When I worked retail in my early 20’s, the best part about being promoted to management was that I got to spend 9+ hours running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off instead of 8 hours standing in one place killing my feet. The longer days felt shorter and the extra work was less exhausting when I could move around all day doing different tasks as opposed to standing still and only working the register.”


4. Silver Plated Kitchenware

“Silver plated trays, coffee sets or silverware. No one wants to polish that stuff every couple months”


5. Cable TV and Landline phones

“Cable costs are skyrocketing. $87 a month is the U.S. average and that’s with only being able to watch what’s currently live and still watching ads. By comparison you could buy Netflix premium, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN+, Crunchyroll, and Paramount+ all without ads (except espn) and still save $7 a month while watching whatever you want rather than what’s currently playing.”

“My dad just cut off our cable company’s cheapest bundle because it rose to $160 for cable alone, despite us also bundling phone and internet with them. The advertised prices are before fees which roughly double the cost.”


6. “I Hate My Spouse” Humor.

“Hi honey! Did you miss me?”

“With every bullet so far.”

“I worked with a guy who was a 25 year veteran in an industry I was just entering.. he always brought up the whole ‘life with a wife is misery’ schtick. don’t understand it..”


7. Writing Checks

“Writing a check in the grocery store or writing checks period! I can’t believe in my town we have to pay our property taxes by check all because of the dinosaur who works there and the mayor who is also a boomer.”


8. Wearing Suits in the Workplace

Suits have already become a thing of the past at many workstations and the workstations that still mandate them such as finance will abolish suits once the baby boomers have gone.


9. Voice Mail

“I saw a comic with someone’s daughter recording their voicemail message “You’ve reached so and so, now please just text me.”

“It’s like that episode in Brooklyn Nine Nine where Jake tries to get a hold of Gina and it goes to voicemail and the message says something like “It’s Gina’s phone, leave me a voice mail, I won’t check it cause it’s not 1993”.


10. The Card Game Bridge

“When I saw the rule book is as large as a dictionary, I thought to myself “nope never learning this game.” I don’t know anyone under the age of 60 that knows how to play and I am 46.”


11. Buying a Home and Paying it Off in One’s Lifetime

“We’re both 43 and just bought our first home. We’ll be 73 when it’s paid off, right around the same time my student loans will be paid off. Hahahaha I’ll probably die before either happens.”


12. Showing Up to Work Unless You’re Actively Dying

“And even then you better have a note.”


13. Longterm Care Insurance Policies

“The early policies were solid gold. Companies overcorrected because they weren’t making the margin they thought they should make, so they gutted the current offerings to the point that they’re useless.”


14. Manicured Lawns With Pesticides

Too much work, wastes too much water and requires too many chemicals. 


15. Not Hiring People with Visible Tattoos

“There might be an evolution on what sorts of visible tattoos get hired. As a Gen Xer, I would have no problem hiring someone with a sleeve tattoo or some tasteful art around their neck.”


16. Random Phone Calls to Check in on People

“This has mostly already gone away. Used to plan things a week out and then never contact them again until you just showed up a week later. Also, driving around and randomly stopping at a friend/relative house to say hi.”


17. Candy Crush

“I’m in my 30s and play candy crush soda. It’s not the gouging it was ten years ago. Its a somewhat easy puzzle game to solve, and they throw tons of unlimited life time at you. Every time I decide to play I can clock several hours before worrying about running out of lives.”

“Omg my 60 year old coworker was still playing candy crush in the year 2022 haha.”


18. Ironing

I know very few who iron unless it’s for an important event.


19. Being Buried in the Ground

“We should all just be cremated or buried as naturally as possible (no preservatives, no clothes) and have a tree planted over our bodies. No more cemeteries as monuments to the dead. Just tree-filled memorial gardens to honor those who lived.”

“My friend works in the industry and the average cost was around $10,000. Cremation is just so much cheaper.”


20. Working Ourselves to Death for Slave Wages While Thanking the Boss for the Opportunity

“Boomers didn’t start or do that either, save for the ones really in need of money. But the general “you should respect your workplace and be glad you have one”-sentiment needs to go.” 

“Putting your mental and physical well-being behind corporate productivity (i hope).”


21. The Idea that Retail and Restaurant Jobs are “Low”, and are Not “Real” Jobs.

“In many countries, those are real jobs. In the Republic of Iceland in fact, tipping waiters is not only rude, but it’s also not allowed. Icelandic waiters are paid a living wage.”


22. Family and Social Pressure to Have Children 

“Among the millennial generation it’s becoming more and more common to just decide not to, and the main source of pressure comes from the generations before us acting like they’re entitled to become grandparents and so if we decide against reproducing we’re somehow robbing them of something.”


23. Paper Receipts

They already ask for email addresses at most retail stores. Eventually they will stop asking and automatically email receipts. 

This article was produced by This Mom is On Fire and comments were curated from Reddit.

Image credit: copyright Andy Dean via Canva.