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25 True Crime Podcasts to Scare Yourself

After listening to thousands of hours of true crime podcasts, we narrowed down the playlist to the absolute best!

Host Karen Smith is a retired major case forensic investigator in Jacksonville, Florida. Karen retells cases that she covered in great depth in her career. You will feel Karen took you on a ride and dragged you into the crime scene with her. It’s truly terrifying.

This podcast is addictive, especially if you love a good true scary story. If that’s the case, I guarantee you will want to binge-listen to over 5 years of recording time in months.

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Radio Rental is a scripted show that takes place in a fictional 90’s vibe video store that has a secret VHS collection of spooky stories. The only fictional thing is the video store and the clerk who works there, Terry Carnation (played by Rainn Wilson). The stories are all real and narrated by the people who have experienced the events.

The show is hosted by investigative reporter Payne Lindsey who spends anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on each episode on a missing person’s case.

Tune in and listen to storyteller Andrew Tate narrate in first person true horror stories submitted by survivors who made it out alive.

There are many more true crime podcast recommendations. Check out 

This Mom is On Fire

for the full playlist!