People often encounter others with bad manners in public settings such as restaurants, public transportation, grocery stores, and other communal areas. It’s becoming increasingly common for individuals to feel frustrated and annoyed by the lack of consideration and respect displayed by others.

Bad Manners People are Tired of Seeing

From talking loudly on their phones to not holding the door for someone. Here is a list of bad manners people say they are tired of seeing displayed in public.

“I mean it’s one thing if you are cooking together or something, but people who just go through someone else’s fridge baffles me. Inviting you in to my house doesn’t mean I invited you in to every nook and cranny of it.”

Rummaging Through Somebody Else's Fridge

“It’s just shameful so many people don’t clean up after themselves or intentionally throw trash.”


“Ugh, I hate people with no spatial awareness. Leaving their cart in the middle of the aisle while they search for something on the shelf, not allowing others to pass by.”

Lack of Spacial Awareness

“When they decide while shopping they don’t want something so they just plop it anywhere instead of taking it back and putting it away where they got it. Extra bonus points for being uncouth if it’s frozen foods and they leave it out to spoil.”

Leaving Items in the Wrong Place in Stores

“It sucks and it seems like it’s become more and more common to not only chew with your mouth open but also to smack and chew super loudly while using a manner of chewing that is already substantially louder.”

Making Smacking Sounds When Chewing