Humorous Responses to What Covid Ruined Forever

People felt the pains of covid differently. For some, it was the isolation and for others it was the services they were used  to getting. Here is a list of things people said that covid ruined forever.

“It was summer 2020, and I had just had one of my first cautious outings with a friend. My food absolutely sucked, so I didn’t eat it. On my hour drive home, I was fantasizing like nobody’s business about getting a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. Then pulled up to the window and…such disappointment has never befallen me, lol.”

McDonald's All Day Breakfast

With so many streaming services available while people were homebound, many are starting to see that movies are not worth the high costs anymore. Also having to sit with a crowd, many of who disturb the experience with talking and using their cell phones.


Losing access to 24-hour businesses really affected shift workers and night owls.

24-Hour Stores

Buffet-Style Restaurants

“The classic Las Vegas buffet. For decades, the AYCE buffet was a staple of the overindulgence and opulence of a stay at a Las Vegas strip hotel. Now, there are very few left and the thought of perusing food that so many others may have touched / breathed on has limited interest.”

Many people are paranoid to cough or sneeze in public now as people may suspect that they have covid.

Coughing in Public

“God yes. I used to pace on calls and get like 15k+ steps a day. Now I’m stuck in a chair with my camera on like a damn hostage.”

Camera-Free Conference Calls

“That was always kind of gross. We are just more aware now.”

Blowing Candles Out on a Cake