Pets make great companions, and they also provide some excitement and entertainment in the house.

The Silliest Things People Say their Pets are Scared of

There are some things that household pets like dogs, cats, and birds need to get used to. From fans to small appliances to toothbrushes, sometimes it’s hard to tell what can frighten a pet. Here are some hilarious stories of pets afraid of everyday household items.

“Yup, just happened to us last night. A half full garbage bag was on its side getting inflated by the breeze and my dog was on alert like he just saw a cobra.”

Garbage Bags

“My sister’s dog was afraid of farts – even their own. Was hilarious!”


“My dog is terrified of ceiling fans. On, off, doesn’t matter. If she notices one, she has to check every few minutes to see if it’s still there and scares herself all over again.”

Ceiling Fans

“My cat Charlie used to be terrified of the vacuum. He would find a bed to hide under and stay for hours. ”

Vacuum Cleaners

“My dog is scared of brooms even though I know she was never abused or anything because we got her as a tiny puppy. My dad’s birds also hate brooms though. It’s very strange.”


“My dog too, Netflix intro! She ran out of the room once when it played and she wouldn’t come back until the tv was off.”

The NetFlix Intro