Sometimes we fall for ideals and the thought that there is only one path to happiness and success. But times change, and personal experiences may dictate something completely different.

The Biggest Scam in Life

The following is a list of things some people in an online community believe are nothing short of a scam now

“The idea that you spend your life working, putting aside your dreams and hobbies, deny yourself holidays and pleasures, to save for a house that you pass on when you die. To save for a rainy day that you might not be around to see come.”

Always Save for Something

“We’re being sold a lie that we need more stuff, need to work to buy more stuff, that we need the latest stuff. We spend even more time working to afford the stuff we don’t need, a bigger house, a new car, and end up unhappy because we can’t achieve these ambitions, which are both pointless and take us away from family and  actually living life.”

We Need More Stuff

“Big weddings are one of the biggest scams I can think of. Watching a young couple spend tons of money on their wedding day just kills me. I’m not saying don’t have a wedding or anything. I’m saying do it in a very budget-minded way. 

Big Weddings and Funeral in General

“It should be “Every person can find someone.” There is no magical one person for you. It’s multiple people that can be for you that come with its own set of pros, cons, and unforeseen risks. That’s life in general.”

That Every Person Will Find Someone

“Literally some automated code that does all the heavy lifting but charges a percentage of the ticket price as a fee.”

Convenience Fees on Internet Transactions

 “That if you “work hard enough and never give up, you will be somebody one day.” Most people will work hard enough to scrape by and then die a nobody with nothing to show for it. No matter how hard they try.”

Working Ridiculous Hours