The Best Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies 

This chocolate chip cookie recipe will help you bake cookies that are chewy in the center but have crispy edges. If you like crispy and chewy cookies, then look no further!

To make these chocolate chip cookies both crispy and chewy, it's really about having the right amounts and kind of flour and sugar.

The amount of flour needs to be carefully measured.  Too much flour can make the cookies more dry. Not enough flour can cause cookies to spread too much, making them thinner and likely more crisp.

You also need to use the correct ratio of white sugar to brown sugar.  White sugar tends to make cookies crispier. This is because white sugar releases more moisture as it bakes compared to brown sugar.

Brown sugar is basically white sugar with added molasses.   Brown sugar retains more moisture and therefore allows a cookie to be more soft and chewy.

– softened butter – white sugar – dark brown sugar – eggs – Vanilla Extract – baking soda – salt – all-purpose flour – chocolate chips – chopped walnuts (optional)


Making Chocolate Chip Cookies Look Festive

-Dip half the cookie in melted chocolate and then dip in red and green sprinkles -Add red and green M&Ms to the cookie dough -Red, green and red chocolate chips are available at Christmas time