Some people have had unexpected visitors enter their homes via their pet door that allows their cats and dogs to roam freely in and out of the house.

 Unexpected Wildlife Visits via the Pet Door that Surprised Homeowners

Many creatures enter the home completely confused about their environment but are happy to explore. Some are dragged in by the family cat.

Either way, the home owners are generally not pleased to meet their acquaintance.

“I too have a raccoon through the cat door story. For me it was watching a mother raccoon hold open the cat door while her four baby ‘coons tumbled into the house. They went over, ate all the cat’s food (washing their hands in the water dish), then mom held the door open again as they went back outside. I started to lock it up at night after that!”


“Not quite a pet door situation but we lived close to the national park in Nairobi. On several occasions monkeys would come into the house through the windows. They’d raid the pantry and make a mess of it."


“Came down one morning to find a peacock in the utility room that had got in to eat all the cat food. It stayed on our property for about three years and we called it Wazzock.”


“Had an opossum sitting in the laundry room eating dog food. They’re kinda cute normally, but they do this creepy growl thing and have some serious chompers which they show off by opening their mouths big enough to bite your face off.”


“One of our cats has brought in the odd snake. They are very much alive when she deposits them inside the house. Luckily, she usually chooses to leave them in the bath for some reason.”