When I think of a celebratory meal, the first dish that comes to mind would be leg of lamb!

But roasted lamb leg can be for regular family dinners as well! Just add a side of veggies and the leftovers are perfect for lunches.

How do you feel about roasting a leg of lamb? To some, it may sound a little intimidating.  But the fact is that a leg of lamb is actually one of the easiest cuts of meat to cook.

This lamb leg will be fall-off-the-bone perfect every time.

Lamb itself is a very tender meat and you technically do not need to marinate it. However, if you prefer to, I would not marinate a leg of lamb for more then 2-3 hours.

Marinating the Lamb Leg


– fresh leg of lamb – garlic – Dijon mustard – lemon juice – olive oil – dried oregano – fresh rosemary – kosher salt or to taste – black pepper

You can roast potatoes and different vegetables. You can also try our cilantro lim rice and creamy mint peas recipe on the website.

What to Serve with Lamb?