What Instantly Attracts a Man to a Woman?

Male readers were asked what qualities make a woman instantly attractive to them. Some answers are surprising! Here is what they had to say.

“Being naturally funny to the point was can just riff and both be cracking up. Met one girl in my life that would have me constantly dying so I invited her out to the bar since all our mutual friends were going out. We spent all night just cracking jokes.”

Sense of Humor

“Whenever they listen to the conversation and contribute. There’s a thing of waiting for your turn to talk, and then there’s actually listening adding to the conversation. You should never just be waiting to talk, listening and understanding another persons point is important to me.”

Actively Conversing

“Confidence trumps all of it for me. Some women just have a presence when they enter a room that demands attention and it’s so attractive. You pick up on it even before you really get a good look at them.”


“I had a gorgeous red head make eye contact with me on the street in San Francisco in 1990 while in town for a bike race. We were walking past each other and she held my gaze the whole time and I felt like lightning was shooting through me.”

Eye Contact

Her Personality

“It’s the personality for me and it trumps everything else. Looks are great, but I’ve met plenty of women who society labels as beautiful, but they are just terrible to be around. I believe beauty starts with the personality and that will always be the determining factor for attractiveness and friendship.”

“Only 5% of women who were yoga pants actually do yoga …. and 100% of men don’t care.”

Yoga Pants