Many people may believe that most kids’ movies are lighthearted, entertaining, and amusing. But that’s not always the case.

 Kids Movies that Made Adults Cry

Some movies are really intense, as they are meant to draw in adults as much as children. Here are 20 kids movies that made adults cry.

Im a fella in my late 30s and it makes me cry” “That movie stills scares me 20 years later.”

A Little Princess

“Always cry at the end when the old golden retriever shows up.”  “I used to cry at the cat almost drowning scene.”

Homeward Bound

It’s a Pixar movie that has a lot of heart-wrenching moments and it’s suitable for children of all ages.” “I still can’t tell people the plot of the movie without tearing up, so I’d say yeah.”

Inside Out

Crushes me every time! Absolutely heartbreaking.” “110% this movie.” “Yes! Watched this movie about a year ago with my wife and cried like a baby!”

My Girl

I’m shocked it’s so low on the list because it’s my top rec as well. Damn I still cry.” “Have a box of Kleenex ready. You will sob.”

The Land Before Time