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People List their Pet Peeves with House Guests

It’s nice to have friends and family visit. But when they don’t respect your house rules or exercise proper etiquette, it’s hard to get excited when they want to come over. Here is a list of things people say are their biggest pet peeves when they have guests.

Not everybody’s house is always clean, and many like to wear nicer clothes or put on some makeup when they have visitors. It’s common courtesy to give people some advanced notice that you would like to come for a visit.

They Show Up Without Notice

Yawning and stretching out on the couch is usually a direct sign that the homeowner is ready for bed. Some guests don’t pick up on it, and it’s annoying when people overstay their welcome.

They Don't Know When to Leave

"It’s my (female) and my boyfriend’s home and these men go into our bathroom, see that the toilet seat AND the toilet lid are down, don’t think about the fact that it might be like that because we prefer it that way and walk away with the lid up."

They Leave the Toilet Seat Up

Chasing after my pets to pet them when they clearly don’t want to or disturbing them when they sleep.”

They Won't Leave Your Pets Alone

I had a friend/roommate who invited a guy she was casually seeing over which was fine. But this absolute lunatic ate some pistachios and just left his shells on the floor."

They Leave Behind a Mess

Whether it’s cultural or out of cleanliness, it’s a good sign that you should also remove yours if you don’t see the homeowners wearing shoes.

They Leave Their Shoes On