Red Flags that She isn't Marriage Material

“I remember one time I was going back home to my girl and was feeling anxious about going there. And I still remember thinking “This isn’t what it’s supposed to feel like.”

You Feel Stressed

“If expressing your own feelings inevitably concludes with you having to console her for how your feelings made her feel instead of her being there for you.”

It's Always About Her

“There was a girl in my training class. She was a very good looking German girl, but when we went out there was ALWAYS something wrong with her food. She literally got every meal free, it seemed, because she was so picky about her food.”

Treating Others Poorly

“She (his ex-wife) said compromise means nobody is happy. Guess who is unhappy now.”

Not Willing to Compromise

“It’s partially caused by the issue you’re responding to, but it’s mostly caused by the fact that guys rarely, if ever, receive compliments or positive affirmations.”

She Doesn't Appreciate Anything You Do

Impulsive Behavior

“If I’m going to marry someone though, I want that person to be relatively decent with money because we are trying to build a stable life together.”

“I prefer that women aren’t really active on social media. It means they have a life and aren’t obsessed with getting attention and validation from strangers.”

She's Obsessed with Social Media