Nice and Not So Nice Celebrities to Cook For

Some celebrities like to remain under the radar and undisturbed if they are  enjoying a meal out in a restaurant and some go out of their way to engage with the staff.

The following are real experiences people had preparing meals for celebrities who came to the establishment where they worked in  the kitchen.

"He ordered a Lobster Roll and said it was the best he ever had. Either he was lying and being nice or never had many because the place I worked at at the time had mediocre lobster rolls.”

Kevin Costner

“Made pasta for Emma Watson she loved it and came back next day for brunch but we don’t serve pastas for brunch so she left.”

Emma Watson

Jon Bon Jovi

“Just rude, and dismissive. And puts ice in his Pinot Grigio.”

“Cooked a 32 oz Porterhouse rare for The Undertaker once. I saw him walk in from 20 feet away and I was still looking up at him, monster of a dude but a sweetheart from what servers told me."

The Undertaker

"It was swamped already and it was my Garde’s (Garde Manger) first day (and her first day at a full scale restaurant). We were out of a bunch of stuff (oops) but he said he the meal was “lovely.”

Gordon Ramsey

“Cooked a cheeseburger for Adam Sandler. He had his own special bun (to use for the burger)  that came back to the kitchen from his manager I think. Cool dude, got to meet him after."

Adam Sandler


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