Yes Nachos for Dinner!

Crunchy loaded nachos can  make a delicious appetizer, a snack and even a meal

Nachos with Doritos and ground beef  can be a full meal by loading on the vegetables. It will be a treat for everyone  in the family, kid approved, and is great party food too.

Toppings Options

-shredded chicken



-crumbled feta cheese

-sliced onions

-sliced pickles

-bell & jalapeno peppers

and more!

Got a Soggy Nachos Problem?

Tip #1: Don't put much liquids on top. Instead dip the nachos in the salsa and sour cream

Tip #2: Spread the nachos out on two trays when baking

Can you Reheat Nachos?

Yes at a lower temperature. Try 300F for 10 minutes or less.

Nachos are easier to get crispy again if you keep the liquid off as suggested!

Having a Family Game Night?

Then these nachos with Doritos are a must have for dinner!

Having a Party?

These nachos with ground beef are the best party food.

They can be an appetizer, a snack or a meal!


– Dorito Nacho Chips – Tostitos Chips (Rounds work best) – ground beef – Taco Seasoning  – 1 green pepper diced – 1 tomato diced – 1 red pepper diced – Shredded Mozzarella cheese – Shredded Cheddar Cheese – green onions – Jalapeno peppers (optional) – refried beans