Add mushrooms to your classic grilled cheese and you get a delicious mushroom grilled cheese sandwich and also the perfect comfort food. 

Mushroom Grilled Cheese 

Oyster mushrooms naturally grow on or near trees. They have a delicate but meaty texture and are mild with a hint of Anise flavor. The mushrooms have beautiful thin, oyster or fan-shaped caps.

This recipe is very quick to put together and perfect for a weekday or a relaxed weekend. You can serve this sandwich with soup on the side or just eat the sandwich as is.

Caramelized mushrooms and onions definitely give this grilled cheese sandwich an upgrade in taste and flavor. 

Italian bread works well with this mushroom grilled cheese sandwich but you can also try sourdough and rye. 

If you would like to eat this delicious sandwich with a nice warm bowl of soup on the side, check out the next slide for soup recipes.